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If  would like to lock your Internet Explorer home page, you should find this article of some use. Many times, it so happens that not only you, but others too such as your friends and family members use your computer. At times, some programs too try to change the Internet Explorer Home Page. In such cases may be you would like to lock your Internet Explorer home page, so that no other users have the rights to change the homepage. Well, preventing others from changing IE homepage is easy.

Lock Internet Explorer Home Page

Internet Explorer allows you to define a single or multiple home pages, each of which can load in its own tab. You can create a multi-tab home page simply, by entering the addresses each one in its own line.

To do so, open IE > Internet Options > General Tab.


This post shows you in detail how to change the home page in Internet Explorer as well as other browsers.

Disable changing home page settings using Group Policy

If you now wish to lock the IE home page, you can use the Group Policy. Run gpedit.msc to open the Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following setting:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer

Lock Internet Explorer Home Page

Double-click on Disable changing home page settings and select Enabled.

The Home page specified on the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box is the default Web page that Internet Explorer loads whenever it is run. If you enable this policy setting, a user cannot set a custom default home page. You must specify which default home page should load on the user machine. For machines with at least Internet Explorer 7, the home page can be set within this policy to override other home page policies. If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, the Home page box is enabled, and users can choose their own home page.

Click Apply and Exit.

Prevent changing of home page using Registry

Now, if your Windows does not have the Group Policy Editor, here is a registry tweak for it. Open the ‘Run’ dialog box. In it type, ‘regedit’ and hit ‘Enter’ to open the Registry Editor.

Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\


Ensure that the above-shown registry keys exist and have the shown values. If not, create them. You may click on the image to see a larger image. To revert, you may delete the newly created keys, or change the value of HomePage DWORD to 0.

Alternatively, you may download and use this registry fix to set your IE home page to a blank page and then lock it.

Hope this helps.

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    You are the best! My parent’s complain that they can’t get to the Internet when their homepage changes, they’re completely lost until I come back over to visit! Using the Reg Key I was able to set it and forget it. Thank you a thousand times over!

  • Anand Khanse

    Glad to hear this helped. :)

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    I have a desktop computer, it has lockup on a page & will not clear so I can continue to use my computer, please help….

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    I have Internet Explorer 10 running on Windows 8. Both methods mentioned above fails to set my home page.

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    Tried all those and nothing worked cannot change Default Home Page in IE 11 Windows 8. Nothing works gggrrrrrr

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    after removing iStart and resetting my home page. when I start IE11 for win8.1 it first opens a page “http:///”
    which of course does not exist. it tells me that it cannot connect to the internet. but after when I click on home page icon, it goes there. reset home page several times, but always reverts back to “http:///” when I start IE.
    any suggestions?

  • Anand Khanse

    Are you not able to change it manually?

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