KShutdown: Shut Down Your Windows PC at a Set Time

Have you ever felt the need of some software to shut down you computer at a particular time while you are asleep or out of your house? I often felt the need of such software, when I used download some movie/ watch a movie or listen to music while on bed. I usually used to start the download and go to sleep and my computer system remains ON for the whole night even after the download is finished. kshutdown3-beta

KShutdown does it all for me whenever I want! It is an advanced graphical shutdown utility for Windows and Linux. It is freeware providing assistance in operating the shutting down of your computer system with various time and delay options.  Making it yet more explicable, KShutdown allows you to turn off or suspend your computer system at a specified time according to your suitability.

KShutdown not just shut down or restart my computer system for me, but also help me to logout from my current account or to lock the screen. The best part about this freeware is that I don’t actually need to be on my computer system to perform any of these tasks. KShutdown works in two different ways: By setting a timer and “Date/Time” option. Let me explain the two ways separately.

Setting a timer. You can set up KShutdown timer for the action you want it to perform. You can set the freeware to wait for a few minutes, an hour or for ten hours to perform an action. When the time is up, KShutdown will trigger the action, whether it is shutdown, restart, lock the screen or logout of current account. kshutdown3 set timer

Date/Time Option. Here you can set the software to perform an action at a certain day and time. You just have to set the certain day and time for a particular action and the freeware will trigger the action at the set day and time.kshutdown2.0-linux-kde4

You can also set KShutdown to wait for the running programs to turn off before shutting down your system. For example, some file is downloading or the music player is running, you can set KShutdown to wait for the programs to complete before it shuts down your PC system.

Furthermore, it can also wait for inactivity. You can set the inactivity setting in KShutdown where it will automatically suspend your computer system after a certain amount of inactivity.

KShutdown features and download

  • Turn Off or Restart Computer
  • Hibernate to disk or Suspend
  • Lock Screen using a screen saver
  • Command line support
  • Free and Open Source, KDE 4.

Download KShutdown here.

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