Kaspersky System Checker scans your Windows computer for problems

Facing problems with your computer? Do you think there is something wrong with the hardware or any of the software components? This tool called Kaspersky System Checker makes it a lot easier for you to scan your computer for any errors. Kaspersky is well known for its antivirus and security services. And this tool carries the same legacy forward.

Kaspersky System Checker

Kaspersky System Checker is designed to scan and analyze your Windows system for any kind of malfunctions. It can scan your computer for any software or hardware related problems. It can also point out any malware if found on your computer. The software does not promise to resolve or fix any of these errors, it can provide suggestions to fix them.

Once downloaded, you just need to run the program and hit the ‘Start Diagnostics’ button. The program will start scanning your computer for any kind of errors. The scan takes pretty long but ensures each and every corner of your computer is scanned in all aspects. You can view the report once the scan has completed, or you can view the report result as the scan progresses.

Kaspersky System Checker

After the scan is completed, you can view and save the entire report. The saved report can be shared with professionals for further assistance regarding the errors discovered by this tool. All the critical issues that require your attention are marked with a red exclamation mark. And suggestions to improve upon these issues are also provided. The parts where your computer is absolutely fine are also displayed below the critical issues in the Detected items tab.

Kaspersky System Checker scans your computer for a lot of problems and issues. These issues include software, hardware, malware related, vulnerable software and many others. Some of them are:

  • Firewall and Antivirus related issues
  • Issues related to User Account Control
  • Problems related to system temporary folders
  • System Dump
  • Malware and viruses
  • Problems created by third party software
  • Hardware malfunctions
  • Basic system settings
  • Media autorun
  • Few settings related to Internet Explorer
  • Low space warnings.

Under the System info tab, you can check out some basic information about your computer. You can see all the hardware details and corresponding driver details. Also, the tool can be used to uninstall installed applications. The installed applications are also categorized into Recently Installed, Large Programs, Infrequent Used. So you can head to the desired category to uninstall applications.

Kaspersky System Checker

Under the Additional Info tab, some other additional issues are also reported and their description is also given.

Kaspersky System Checker is a great tool to have in your collection. It does not require any installation and does its job perfectly. You can have an insight of issues with your computer without actually trying to fix them. The tool is perfectly easy to use and operate and does not require any configurations. The scan report can be easily saved and then shared for professional troubleshooting purpose.

Click here to download Kaspersky System Checker.

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