Game Assistant: Free Game Optimizer and Hardware Monitor

IObit Game Assistant is a one-stop solution for gamers. It optimizes your computer in a perfect way so that you can enjoy lag-free gaming. The freeware also lets you monitor your computer’s temperature and hardware performance in order to avoid overheating damages.

Game Assistant for Windows

Game Assistant

Without any compatibility issues, Game Assistant ran smoothly on my Windows 8.1. In the game window and displays real-time CPU Temperature, GPU Temperature, frames, etc. in the top left corner of the screen. Currently, it supports game developed by DirectX and OpenGL only. The real-time statistics makes it easier for you to monitor the hardware and avoid the chances of hardware damage.

On the main window, it displays the grid of installed games, but you can even manually add them to the grid. The right part of the interface displays the real-time CPU, GPU and Motherboard temperature – and moreover, it also gives you details about the Fan Speed. If you click the ‘Show Trends’ link, a graph will be displayed to you, showing the CPU temperature of previous minutes. The graph updates in real time too.

Free game optimizer software

Game Assistant will alarm you if the system temperature reaches a certain limit. You can change this limit and the alarm sound from the settings. The alarm feature is very useful as it can remind you of the overheating hardware while you are busy playing your favorite games and moreover it can again avoid chances of hardware damage.

Before playing a game, the software recommends that you clear up some RAM, that the game gets enough memory to load up completely and to fulfill this requirement Game Assistant 2 comes with a RAM cleaner too. To clean some RAM, click on the CleanRAM icon located on the right of the screen.

The program also comes with an inbuilt feature to take screenshots.

Talking about the UI, it’s smooth, simple, easy to use and beautiful. Usually, gamers are aware of the terms like CPU/GPU, but if you are not aware of such terms, you can use this software to simply alarm you about overheating so that you can avoid damages and enjoy games without any performance issues.


Overall the software is useful. Running heavy games without any lags or hardware issues is sometimes a painful task, but when you have programs like Game Assistant, the task becomes much easier are risk-free.

Click here to download IObit Game Assistant. UPDATE: This freeware does not seem to be available now.

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