How to install, change and customize Windows 7 / 8 Cursors

Windows has a fine set of default aero cursor set or mouse pointers. But if you feel like a change and would like to replace them with a customized set, you can change cursors easily in Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Install, change & customize Windows Cursors

Open C:\Windows\Cursors folder and create a new folder called “NewCursors”.

Place your new cursor .cur files in this folder.

Via Control Panel, open Mouse applet and click on Properties tab.

Select Windows Aero (system scheme) in the Scheme drop-down list, if it isn’t already selected.

Click on the “Save As” button and name your new scheme as say, “NewCursors”. Click OK.

In the Customize list, select the Normal Select cursor. Click Browse. Navigate to C:\Windows\Cursor\Bullseye\, select the appropriate file for the appropriate mouse gesture and click Open. Click Apply.

You have to do so with every file for every mouse gesture.

For instance. check out Bull’s Eye Mouse Cursor, from Microsoft.

If you decide to download and try out this cursor set, then in the above instructions, name the folder as BullsEye.

In the “Customize” list, select the “Normal Select” cursor. Click “Browse”.  Select C:\Windows\Cursor\Bullseye\Bullseye_select.cur”. Click “Open” button.

Select the “Precision Select” cursor. Click “Browse”.  Select “Bullseye_precision.cur”. Click “Open” button.

Select the “Text Select” cursor. Click “Browse”.  Select “Bullseye_text.cur”. Click “Open” button.

Select the “Link Select” cursor. Click “Browse”.  Select “Bullseye_link.cur”. Click “Open” button.

You may also want to check out some of these cool cursors:

Prototype 01 | Unborn 8.0 Shadow Edition.

These downloads come with an Install.inf or AutoSetup.inf file. To install these cursors, simply right-click on this .inf file and select Install. This saves a lot of effort on your part!

Next open the Control Panel applet and from the drop down menu select the newly installed cursors. Click Apply > OK.

Check out Ultimate Windows Customizer, which allows you to customize your Windows installation, including changing the Start Button, Logon Screen, Thumbnails, Taskbar, Explorer look, Windows Media Player and more! etc.

If you know of any more good cursors for Windows 7, do share in the comments.

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  • Sandy Fleming

    I have a question. My friend in Ohio has Windows 7. And when she wants to send a E-mail out her cursor goes haywire and she has trouble finding it or it goes all over the screen. Would it be possible that you could give me some information how she could correct this problem and where to look. I appreciate any help that you would or could help me with.

  • Windows Club

    Hi Sandy,

    We need to know the exact problem and the behaviour of the cursor. Which email client, etc… Could you or she post the details in ? Im sure someone will be able to help out.

    Cheers :)

  • Thor

    I have an out of control cursor too. I usually use the pad on my laptop but when I try to move the arrow cursor a miniature scroll bar appears at various times and the cursor is not in control. How do I get rid of this irritating scroll bar cursor?? Thor

  • Adam C. Salazar

    I think u need a new mouse the wireless one Microsoft is the best one. now if that doesnot work the driver is corrupt and replace it new ones or update it.

  • thor

    no that’s not it–already done that. It’s somebodies concept of a good idea and it should be an optional configuration. Similar to posting here. I have no desire to junk up my computer with something called Disqus, don’t need to report everytime I pick my nose with Facebook, certainly not Tweeting anything and google doesn’t come close to Dogpile. You might think all that is a necessary part of your life. Not hardly.

  • Charlie

    There are some ideas for fixes for the scrolling cursor in some websites. Some call it virtual scrolling and it is stupid. When you are using your cursor suddenly it changes to this “virtual scroller” and stays like that for awhile and then some how it goes away. Some sites said to find this in the settings for the mouse and turn it off, but I can’t seem to find it in my settings. There must be a way to change it without doing that. What ever triggers it when I am using my cursor, if I knew what it was, maybe I could control it some how.

  • David

    Bulls eye mouse cursors do not work on windows 7. When selecting the new cursor there is no preview and selecting it does not replace cursor. I need help for eye problems.

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