How to Add, Backup, Restore User Credentials using Windows Vault

Windows 7 allows you to store the login credentials which can be used to login to various servers, Web sites or programs. These are quite handy to use and they are stored in electronic vault which is called as Windows Vault.

To add an entry into Windows Vault:

  • Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Credentials Manager



  • Click on Add a Windows Credential or Add a Generic Credential. You will be asked to fill the details. Just fill them up.


  • To add a Certificate based credential click on Add a Certificate-based credential


To backup the Windows Vault:

  • Click on Back up Vault. Windows will open which will ask you to browse the location where you want to take the back up.



  • After that you will see a window which will ask you to press CLR+ALT+DELETE

After this again a new window will come which will ask you to enter the password. It is always advisable that you use strong password which must be a combination of upper case , lower case , special characters and numbers. Also please take the back up on some external secondary storage.

To restore the back up:

  • Click on Restore Vault. It will ask you to browse the file location which will be of .crd type.

  • You will again find the same window asking you to press CLR+ALT+DELETE
  • A new window will come asking you to enter the password to verify the backup.
  • Once you password is verified you will see a window showing the Restored message.

This is all you have to do to ease your life to have a automatic login. I will suggest you to add an entry into Windows Vault to have automatic login using your personal computers because generally browsers use Cookies to store this information which are susceptible to various security attacks where as here the information is stored in electronic vault.

Hope that helps!

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