Guardius Review & Free direct download link… Is it worth using?

Before going ahead with the review of Guardius, let us not confuse it with the e-commerce site with a similar name, offering stuff on sale. This is and actually a software that claims to speed up your browsing. But does it really work? This post checks out following – what is Guardius; how it works and if you should install it.

What Is Guardius

Guardius is a software from the makers of IncrediMail so there should be no doubts about it being a spyware or sorts. IncrediMail is a light weight email handling client that had a good reputation insoftware market, before it lost to Thunderbird which works as well on Ubuntu as well (while still working on Windows).

01 Guardius Review

Anyway, this is a review of Guardius, so I will try to focus on this. The homepage of Guardius – – says users can get Guardius only by way of invitation. They also have placed a limitation of 100,000 invitations. On the other hand, they are also offering direct download via a sub domain of We’ll come to that in a while. You may meanwhile go and get an invite to see if the direct download software is any different from the link they’ll send you via email registration for software invite.

In both cases, the Guardius is in beta stage – as they show using the word “beta” just above the logo. So what is Guardius and what does it do? The software sits in your system tray once you install it. It scans the browsers you use – for extensions that are marked as resource consuming – and alerts you about the extensions, toolbars etc that are found in its database.

Guardius Review – How Does Guardius Work

It does not support all the browsers out there, but does support all the major ones – Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox etc. When you launch the browser and experience slowness, click the system tray icon of Guardius and Open Guardius. It will show you a list of extensions on the browser. If it finds any toolbar or extension that is blacklisted in its database, you will see them under recommendations to turn them off.

02 Guardius Review

Once you click on the turn off button, Guardius takes care of going to the add-on manager and disables the add-on (toolbar, extension etc). In short:

  1. Guardius alerts you to extensions that slow down your browser
  2. It automatically disables the extensions if you choose so: i.e. you do not have to go and mess up with the add-on manager of the browser to turn it off

And yes, whenever you turn off an extension or toolbar you automatically update the Guardius database which formsbase for suggesting others about the deprecators.

Do You Need Guardius?

If you have been into computers for long, you probably know what all factors contribute toslowdown of the machine as a whole – including the browsing, etc. In that case, chances are that you will configure your browsers as soon as you install them as I do. You might also usecustom option while installing programs to keep unwanted add-ons off your browsers. In this case, I will assume you also know how to manage add-ons on your favorite browsers. This is a case where you do not necessarily need Guardius because you can do it manually.

On the other hand, if you do not feel comfortable going through the add-ons and do not know for sure what all to keep and what to disable, Guardius is for you. It has a database based on people’s opinions (whether they turned off or kept using an extension) that helps you determine if you should turn off an extension. It won’t show toolbars under separate section and show them under the Extensions part (see image above).

However, since the software is comparatively new, the database is not complete. Another reason for it not being able to help with some extensions are that different programs create new add-ons on a regular basis. But for known slowing down extensions, you are just a click away from turning it off to speed up your browsing by a bit.

Guardius Free Direct Download Link

Click this link and download the program. After installation, it sits in your system tray – ready to help you with deciding upon what extensions to turn on and what to keep on. As the program is quite new, I would suggest running a Bing Search for extensions it recommends turning off. There may be cases where an extension may be important for you, but others may have turned it off. If you have a better understanding of what the extension does, you can decide better.

This is what Guardius basically does. The main site ( also contains some blogs that are not arranged properly under their main headings and look like they are there for producing organic traffic.

Check it out and let us know your experience.

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