Quickly copy all files of a file type to a particular folder with GoGet

Searching for a file whose location is unknown can become a daunting task. Lets say you have music files spread all over your disk. Wouldn’t it be great if you could move all these music files to a particular location easily and quickly? GoGet is a freeware that lets you move your collection of photos, songs, movies, documents and other data to a particular location. This way you can move all your music files to one location. It allows you to bring your files back under control by allowing you to copy desired type of files from a folder to a predestined location.

Sure, you can use the Windows Search to search for a particular file-type, and then move them to a particular folder, but GoGet simplifies this process and lets you even save search templates.

SD GoGet software for Windows

Using GoGet is pretty straightforward. Just download and run the program. It sports a simple and clutter-free interface. The main window shows correctly labeled fields like:

  1. What are you looking for?
  2. Where do you want to look?
  3. Where do you want them copied to?

The first field lets you define/remind the types of files you would like to copy. The second, where you would like to search them and the last, the destination where you would like the copied files to be stored.

GoGet Download

Just fill in the details and allow the application to do its job fairly and smoothly. Depending upon the number of files, the program may take time for copying.

PNG imagr

If there are many files, GoGet will display a progress bar indicating the progress of copying. Upon completion it will display a confirmation dialog as shown below.

PNG image transferred

You could use template feature too for downloading or staging folders.

Please note that GoGet does not report where the files are located; it simply copies them to a pre-defined location. Works just fine on Windows 8 and Windows 7!

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