Gmail vs Hotmail: Why Hotmail is better than Gmail

With Google Plus-ifying its search results and updating its Privacy Policy and Terms, many users are planning to make a move away from using many of its services. We have already seen some Google Search Alternatives. For Gmail too, there is an alternative Hotmail! Hotmail with its continuous improvements over the last year is arguably one of the best free email service providers. Many of the Hotmail features are much nicer now. Let us see some such features which is making people move away from Gmail and switch over to Hotmail.

Hotmail vs Gmail comparison

1. One of the best reason is that in Hotmail, you can attach and share hundreds of photos (or other files) without cluttering the Inbox. This is possible because of its online storage integration with SkyDrive. You can share up to 200, 50 MB files (10 GB) in a single email using SkyDrive. Can you do this in Gmail?

2. Hotmail, using the Office Web apps, lets you view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents – without leaving your inbox – for free.

3. Hotmail has raised the level of controlling Spam with its SmartScreen filtering technology.  Apart from reducing the actual Spam levels drastically, it now provides the users complete control over Graymail. Newsletters, social updates and such mails (called Graymail), which though are not Spam, but clutter our Inbox can be completely swept to keep your Inbox clean.  It can also automatically file away or delete messages you receive by scheduling,  with its features of Sweep and Scheduled Clean up. It also allows you to create your own categories. Thus the user has complete control. There’s is no such Sweep feature in Gmail.

4. Hotmail provides a great mobile experience on all major smartphones globally including Windows Phone, iOS and Android by providing a  two-way sync not only with email, but also complete calendar and contact sync. The Hotmail App has been provided on various mobile platforms, like Android, and very recently on Kindle Fire too. The Hotmail App provides a better experience than the Gmail App available on iOS.

5. Hotmail provides chatting capabilities with Facebook’s members also – apart from its own chat in the Inbox. Thus you can update your Facebook status, chat, view updates of your Facebook friends right from your Hotmail inbox. This is not possible in Gmail.

6. Many award-winning Security features makes Hotmail leader in email protection. Features like “Single Use Code”, where a one-time password is sent to your cell phone, so that you don’t have to reveal your true password on public machines. “My Friend’s Been Hacked” feature lets you report that your friend as being “hacked”, when you notice dubious mails from your friend account, which Hotmail will then investigate. Many such awesome features and improvements have been added to Hotmail.

Today the Hotmail team has also suggested different ways to switch from Gmail to Hotmail.

1. If you already don’t have a Hotmail account, you can create a new Hotmail or Live account.

Import your old messages from Gmail. You’ll probably want to keep your old email and contacts so we’ve made it simple to bring them in. TrueSwitch is an easy tool which will import your email and contacts and forward any new email to Hotmail for 90 days. Go to the TrueSwitch site and follow the steps there. When you sign back in to Hotmail, you’ll notice that it’s beginning to import your emails (this could take a few hours if you have a lot of emails to bring over).

Please note that TrueSwitch doesn’t support non-Hotmail domain. That is if you create a live account using  your Gmail address, TrueSwitch fails to recognize it as a valid Hotmail account to transfer the data. And the Hotmail Team is already working on it. This post will tell you the email accounts which Trueswitch allows you to migrate to and from.

2. You can connect your Gmail account to get all your future messages from Gmail into Hotmail automatically. To do this click on Options > More options. Click on Sending/receiving email from other accounts.

Click Add an email account to get this window.

Provide your Gmail account details and follow the on-screen instructions. That’s it! Now you can get all your Gmail messages right into Hotmail.

Watch this video on account aggregation.

3. For those who have moved from Gmail to Hotmail, need not miss their Gmail shortcuts. Hotmail has an option to provide Gmail shortcuts in Hotmail. Just go to Options > More Options, and under Customizing Hotmail > Keyboard shortcuts.

Select Gmail and Save. Now you can use your favorite Gmail shortcuts in Hotmail too. You can get the complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts here.

You might also want to check out this Hotmail vs Gmail comparison Chart.

Some users were not happy with the Hotmail Calendar, Contacts and the advertisements in Hotmail. Be assured that the Hotmail team is looking into it and don’t be surprised if you soon see improvements here too. The Hotmail team has been seeking suggestions from its users and on the basis of user’s feedback, they have added so many features and improved upon existing ones in the last year.

Still feel skeptical about switching from Gmail to Hotmail?

Go here and ask some real hard questions! You might also want to visit the Take another look at Hotmail website.

With so many great features in the new Hotmail, I’m sure you’ll like it.

If you have any feedback – good or bad – about Hotmail or Gmail, please feel free to post them in the comments.

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