globalDoodle: A fun site for you and your kids

globalDoodle is a 16 square kilometer sheet of paper in cyberspace for you to draw on. When you visit the site, it will turn your browser into a drooling pad. Draw on it or simple doodle. Do it alone or do it along with your friends. Add to existing doodles or create your new one’s. Write poetry, create a greeting card or sketch your ideas while on the phone – it’s all possible with globalDoodle.

Anyone can doodle anywhere they like on the globalDoodle page, so no one can actually “claim” any part of it. However, it is possible to spend some time doodling something special in a certain area, and making sure it becomes protected by filling out the area until the cursor becomes half grey. That way, no one else can ruin your work of art. By embedding the button below onto your blog or website, you can link directly to this area of globalDoodle, and anyone can add their doodles around yours.

You can shop for more options, tweet your location, take a snap shot, freeze your space and do more there!

Check out this video on some of the best doodles.

Go visit It sure promises to be fun!

Best viewed in Internet Explorer!

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