Giveaway: Mamutu – Behavior blocking anti-malware software

Mamutu is a behavior blocking anti-malware security software from Emsisoft, the makers of a-squared anti-malware.

Mamutu is composed from the words “Malware” and “Mutu”. The second word comes from the Maori language and means “stop”. The name may sound funny but it describes exactly what the program does: Terminate all types of Malware.

Normal security software recognizes Malware using Signatures, a type of digital fingerprint. What is problem with this? No fingerprint means no recognition. This means that the Malware must first be known to the manufacturer of the security software before it is possible to create a fingerprint allowing it to be recognized. The fingerprint database on your PC is then updated online on a daily basis. Only then can the Malware be recognized.

This is where the behavior-based Malware defense of Mamutu comes into play. It does not use a fingerprint to recognize dangerous software but rather on the basis of the behavior of the software. This allows Mamutu to recognize new Malware long before the signature databases have been updated. These types of Malware attacks are known as Zero-Day attacks. In addition to this, behavior-based Malware recognition is the only efficient way of recognizing Malware that has been built for a single specific attack, e.g. for industrial espionage.

Visit Mamutu for more details.

Mamutu costs US$27, but 20 licenses are being made available as a part of TWC Anniversary Giveaways, FREE to TWC readers.

So if you’d like to get a free license, simply Subscribe to our RSS Feeds and let us know in the Comments section,  why you prefer a behavior blocking anti-malware security software to protect your Windows computer.

The lucky 20 will be selected and the licenses forwarded to them by me.  The giveaway will be kept open for 4 days.

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