Giveaway: Mamutu – Behavior blocking anti-malware software

Mamutu is a behavior blocking anti-malware security software from Emsisoft, the makers of a-squared anti-malware.

Mamutu is composed from the words “Malware” and “Mutu”. The second word comes from the Maori language and means “stop”. The name may sound funny but it describes exactly what the program does: Terminate all types of Malware.

Normal security software recognizes Malware using Signatures, a type of digital fingerprint. What is problem with this? No fingerprint means no recognition. This means that the Malware must first be known to the manufacturer of the security software before it is possible to create a fingerprint allowing it to be recognized. The fingerprint database on your PC is then updated online on a daily basis. Only then can the Malware be recognized.

This is where the behavior-based Malware defense of Mamutu comes into play. It does not use a fingerprint to recognize dangerous software but rather on the basis of the behavior of the software. This allows Mamutu to recognize new Malware long before the signature databases have been updated. These types of Malware attacks are known as Zero-Day attacks. In addition to this, behavior-based Malware recognition is the only efficient way of recognizing Malware that has been built for a single specific attack, e.g. for industrial espionage.

Visit Mamutu for more details.

Mamutu costs US$27, but 20 licenses are being made available as a part of TWC Anniversary Giveaways, FREE to TWC readers.

So if you’d like to get a free license, simply Subscribe to our RSS Feeds and let us know in the Comments section,  why you prefer a behavior blocking anti-malware security software to protect your Windows computer.

The lucky 20 will be selected and the licenses forwarded to them by me.  The giveaway will be kept open for 4 days.

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  • optimus prime

    wonderful giveaway..thank you so much TWC..Mamutu is a very effective software…
    congratulations to all participants…

  • FROG

    I prefer a behavior blocking anti-malware security software to protect my PC because I feel it is the best way to monitor the multi numbers of malware released daily. All is against our favor unless we use great products like this from very reputable companies… And thanks again TWC for yet another awesome offer. FROG

  • princeaniket

    behaviour based malware are good to use as in realtime all active programs for dangerous behavior and blocks malicious activities..
    thanks for this giveaway and count me in

  • Gery

    it is one of the best if not the best antimalware BB i would love to have this
    thanks for the giveaway

  • jack

    I have tried Mamutu before and I really like it. I always want to have an extra layer for protection.

  • Rusa

    Just want to have a more secure system.

  • FROG

    PLEASE NOTE: it looks like this does not run on 64bit

    “Version – 10/7/2009 for Windows XP, 2003/2008 Server, Vista and 7, not running on x64, 4 MB”


  • bojilov

    i use emsisoft products since 3 years and I have Mamutu before it is very good product for me,so please count me in!Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Reggie

    Thanks for the chance to win a licence. Emisoft products are among the top anti-malware software producers. I have used A2 for years now and it has always been a tried and true performer. I would very much like to use Mamutu. Firstly it will sit comfortably with A2, and secondly it will add a different layer of protection to my computer. And I like to idea of having a multi-layer shield. Here’s hoping I get the chance to use it!

  • 212eta

    What a Great Offer!!!
    Mamutu is an Application I always wanted to have!
    EMSISOFT is a very reliable vendor.
    I have used A-Squared, and I certainly like to use Mamutu! Please, count me in.

  • Ken Falco

    EMSISoft is a very reliable company. Although I know little Mamutu software, I think that this giveaway is a great opportunity. Thanks

  • Ernie

    As I have been using the paid version of A Squared for the past few years (I think that highly of it it is the only security program I pay for) Mamutu would compliment this and complete a 99% security sysytem (IMHO)

  • Edgar Mills

    I have A Squared Anti Malware For 3 Years And The Scan Detect More Malware That Any Sofware (Norton etc etc) I Recomend Sofware From Emsioft 100%.Thanks

  • Andre

    My brother uses Emsisoft A2 on is laptop and speak well of it. I surpose anything from Emsisoft to be top quality

  • azziz

    I used it some years ago because it was a GAOTD but my windows xp crashed and refused to boot up, hope thay made some progress and would love to instal it again and to see the new features. Thanks for this contest

  • Linu

    Hello, I would like to win this.the reason why behavior monitoring is better than updates from signatures from spyware or anti-viruses is that you get a head start to any abnormalities in a new software or tweaked software that may disrupt your windows machine. Its quite simply be better safe than sorry.All the best and thanks.

  • Gregorio Bastellini

    Mi sembra un’ottima idea… sono curioso di verificare se è anche efficace ed efficiente. Grazie per l’opportunità che mi date di provarlo

  • Nektarios Prekas

    count me in please!

  • Nektarios Prekas

    I have subscribed to the feeds.
    I need such a software because I do financial transactions from my PC and I need optimum protection!

  • Abhishek

    In today’s cyber world, a single security solution like an anti-virus is insufficient for the overall security of a system. Threats come from different sources and that too in different forms. To counter that dynamic nature of threats especially online threats, this behavior based scanning is best. I would love to use it.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • kween

    I have been using A-SQUARED from the same makers and am very happy with its efficiency and have no doubt that Mamutu is equally impressive with its bahaviour- based detection of malware recognition in realtime. Thus makes it a must have for inclusion to supplement the other security programs on the system for total online safety.
    Thanks for offering this as a giveaway, which I would very much appreciate if given one.

  • Jack

    EMSI develop the soft so many years that It should
    be a good Hips soft .

  • Ranjan

    Well, as we all know, one cant rely on a signature-based security software for protection against threats and herein comes the role of behavioral security threats.
    The amount of threats are increasing by leaps and bounds and it always take the AV (signature-based suites) to analyse the threat and issue the proper signatures for its detection and in that meantime, one already gets infected.
    So, a behavioral based security app is a must these days..
    I’dd love to have one license so that i can continue using it.

  • paf

    Hi, congratulations and thanks for another great offer. I use A-Squared and I’m very satisfied. As you said that Mamutu recognizes new Malware long before the signature databases have been updated, I’m sure this would be an effective complement to my security on line. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • Ali

    I prefer to block malware on my computer so that it doesn’t get a chance to infect it. Using anti-malware programs has been an effective way to help combat malware before it gets into the computer and have saved my computer many times. A must have in addition to anti-virus programs which often dont pick up what anti-malware programs do. Would like Mamutu to use on my computer.

  • curiouso9

    Thanks TWC for the chance to get a Mamutu License, actually i’m using a-Squared by Emisoft about a year, and totally impress with the heuristic and IDS feature to detect new and unknown threat, it helps me a lot of testing and running new application since it will ask me to block, allow behaviour, and exlude from protection if detecting some malicious behaviour. Its better than AV that need to update its signature to detect new threat. if I’ll get Mamutu license it helps me a lot in my work and protecting my system. Anyway, thanks TWC for giving me the chance to win Mamutu License.

  • BTOR

    HI PLEASE COUNT ME IN, thankyou for this giveaway, havee never used this before but would difinetly like to try this one.

  • JKRD

    I’ve been using MSE & MalwareBytes. I would like try this different approach to detecting malware.
    Thank you.

  • KK

    Wow, this is a great giveaway. Currently, Im using Kaspersky Internet Security (for realtime scanning) and MBAM and a-squared free (for on demand scanning). Kaspersky does a decent job. I’ve tested it and got 90% detection rate from testing over 120 relatively-new viruses. I did this by downloading every virus (using virtualbox) and trying to execute every file. I kept track of every virus that launched a new processes with Process Explorer and thats how i got my results. However, Kaspersky wasn’t as effective as i expected, maybe 95% to 97% would be preferrable. This behavioral blocking will definely help out to catch and stop the rest. Im coming back to this website more and more. Keep up the good posts.

  • alex19100

    Thanks for the chance to get a Mamutu License,Im using Kaspersky antivirus,I would like try this, to detecting malware.
    thankyou for this giveaway.

  • Boyfriend

    Thanks for this great software. Count me in. Mamutu seems quite impressive with their behavior analysis technology (Malware-IDS described at and low resource use. It will be a good supplement for my computer protection. Thanks for sharing this wonderful program and happy TWC anniversary.

  • aungzeya38

    Hi.. pls count me in and i think so that Mamutu pays supplementary protection for my computer.

  • J McCoy

    Short of a virtualized solution, a HIPS is pretty much the *only* way to protect against zero-day malware. I’ve used Mamutu in the past and have never had any problems. Switched to ThreatFire when the subscription ran out and have been plagued with viri ever since (no, really, I have). I could sure use Mamutu again. Thanks

  • shiva

    hai i would like to win a license, really nice software,from emsisoft. thankyou so much for the giveaway

  • jay

    This is a very good program which i need to prevent zero day malware programs from infecting my pc. Its a more proactive approach to detecting malware by detecting suspicious behavior before it can execute. Thanks.

  • alain45

    please include me in the contest .
    I share on Facebook and ;

  • Grr

    Hi TWC,

    I have subscribed to ur blog and am following on twitter. Twitter name: GrrGrrr

    Behaviour based malware are necessary to use as in realtime as there are many threats and until a fix is available through updates, infection can cause damages. With behavior blocking anti-malware suspects could be removed before they can cause harm.

    Thanks, Grr

  • Windows Club

    Congratulations :)

    Ken Falco
    Edgar Mills
    Gregorio Bastellini
    Nektarios Prekas
    J McCoy

    Please check your Inbox / Junk box tomorrow for the license.

    Kindly install and activate the software before 1st June 2010.


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