Giveaway: 7 eBook copies of Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

It is our pleasure to announce this great giveaway of a new book Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step. It’s Author and O’Reilly Media has been kind enough to giveaway 7 eBook copies of this book to the readers of The Windows Club.

UPDATE: Please see comment below regarding the winners.

This book has been authored by my friend Ciprian Rusen and is aimed at people who want to build and manage their own small home network. It focuses mostly on Windows 7 and covers all the networking related features this operating system has to offer.

One of the things which separates it from other similar books, is that it extensively covers network interoperability between Windows 7 and all other major operating systems: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Ubuntu Linux v10.10 (Maverick Meerkat).

If you’ve got a network with diverse computers and operating systems, this book can truly help you make them all work well together.

To win a copy of this eBook simply share this on you favorite social networking website like Twitter, Facebook, etc and post its status URL here.

Giveaway: eBook copies of Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step @TheWindowsClub

To increase your chances you may share on more than one social network and blog about it or share in any forum.

If you are not a member of any social networking website, please tell us WHY you need this eBook. (UPDATED)

The lucky 7 will be selected by us randomly after 7 days. The winners will be required to create an account at the O’Reilly Shop. They will then need to send me back the user account names and e-mail ID you used to register there. Once I have this info, I will send it to O’Reilly Media, who will then add the eBook to their accounts.

The cool thing is that the winners will be able to download the eBook in any digital format they want viz. PDF, Mobi, ePub, APK, Daisy.

You can also find a Free Sample PDF version, of this eBook there. TWC readers interested in purchasing the book, can get access to a discount code available only on the O’Reilly Shop. When you order Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step, use the AUTHD discount code. You will receive a 40% discount on print and 50% discount on the digital version. The discount code works until January 31st, 2011.

UPDATE: Please see comment below regarding the winners.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of and a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows for the period 2006-16. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Wesley

    This is a great find. I just started to get a few pieces of equipment for wired and wireless networks, media servers, digital devices, etc to make our home integrated. Equipment is now inexpensive and available to start your own home network with the ability to access it from any where in the world.

  2. David Weaver!/weaverdj and on facebook!/davidjweaver

    I’m starting to network the house now, this would be very useful, as I took a big break from networking for six years, and am severely rusty.

  3. sage

    I love it when someone copies a load of information off the web and tries to sell it as their own. He should be ashamed

  4. ErnkeK

    Once again I am excluded because I do not go near any [so called] social network site.

    This is a great pity because I would dearly love to ain one of these. The step by step guides are fantastic. They are usualy clear and concise making it easy for even a complete newcomer to follow with relative ease.

  5. ErnkeK: We do not want to exclude anyone, so maybe I will modify the requirement a bit.

  6. SilverGoldi

    Similar to Ernkek i am far away from that social networking (??) sites, they are like drugs people become addicts of them & waste valuable time.

    Besides if there is a chance to enter in contest though i am not on any social networking site, i will like to learn step by step computer devices & network if this book will help in it , so i will get maximum from the hardwares i got.

  7. Hi SilverGoldi, I have already updated my post. Those who have no use for social sites may simply tell WHY you need this eBook 🙂

  8. To reply to @sage: This book is not a bunch of copied articles from the internet. Not sure why you have this opinion.

    We have worked on it for a year and it is the most complete work we’ve managed to create on home networking. While indeed you can find similar information on many websites (including or, the book includes lots of exercises which you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Or if you do, they are not covered as completely as we managed to cover them.

    Just to give you some examples:

    The first chapter is about “Setting Up a Router and Devices”. We explain what are the key concepts everybody needs to understand about setting up their home network and internet connection by using a router. Then we give step by step examples using actual/modern router models from D-Link and Belkin, so that people understand how to put the theory in practice.

    Another example is the last chapter on “Troubleshooting Network and Internet Problems”. We do cover the troubleshooting wizards included in Windows 7 (you can find plenty of info about them on the internet) but, on top of that, we give also a troubleshooting guide in the form of an easy to understand process diagram. Anybody can follow the process diagram and understand by themselves where the problem is, even though they don’t have too much technical skill in this field. This kind of stuff is not really easy to find on the internet. And believe me, if you find anything… is not as complete as our guide is. Three people worked on it and tested it heavily before it got published by Microsoft Press.

    So… i would say: there is value in purchasing the book and, if you manage to get your hands on a copy of it, I hope you will think the same.

  9. Peter C.

    (Avoid using social media account to bypass the boss’s surveillance)

    In recent years, I need to maintain various systems as a project member. Although those systems have lots of manuals and FAQs, I sometimes still cannot figure out how to connect them in a better, organized way.

    Hope this book can give me some ideas and ways to manage the network of those systems.

    Big Fans of this site once I knew this site is a Featured communities of MS. 😉

  10. Java

    Hello TWC,
    This book seems quite interesting! I have 4 computers at home: One with win7, one with vista, one with xp and a old machine as file server which turns on linux. The most difficult to network in my case is the vista one. Bad sharing in my home network. For several times when I share files with this Vista the connection went down. So I would be interested to be one of the lucky ones to win a copy, because it would probably help me to understand the fine tuning of my network.
    Thx for all the great posts everyday.

  11. robert andrijanic
    HI TWC I need that book 🙂

  12. Shahnawaz

    Gone through the Sample chapter.Written in a nice manner.!/downlz/status/26633486903279616

  13. Raghz

    Hi Anand,

    Thanks for a nice ebook giveaway.

    I am in great need of it as in my home..
    I have one system of Win XP, Win 7 and Linux..a total of three..

    I everytime use pendrive to share important files between each system which has become a tedious and boring job.
    I had tried to search a lot in the net…but couldn’t get a “Step by Step Guide”…

    I am very much interested to get a copy of this ebook of Ciprian..

    Thanks and Regards,

  14. @sage: This is not the place to discuss any issues you may have. I have to request you to please take them elsewhere. Thank you for understanding.

  15. vhick

    Not all I.T. is good in networking because of different configuration depends on the company. This comprehensive book will a big help to aid this. I hope I will win one of this.

    Sharing on Twitter and FB:!/vj_onix/status/26945905059954688

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Chris Doherty

    I was enjoy reading the O’Reilly books because they are so well written.

    I’ve had a look at the sample PDF and it’s up to O’Reilly’s usual high standard.

    Thanks for the Giveaway, O’Reilly and The Windows Club!

  17. sage

    I don’t Twit or book. I need your book to compare and form an opinion for my readers

  18. Brent Swigert

    Darn, I linked about this book on both Facebook & Twitter but didn’t capture the URLs. Looking through the sample it appears to be another high quality item from O’Reilly but also an impressive knowledge base for many less technical people (Mom, I’m talking to you now).

  19. GT

    Thankingyou for the givingaway. I want to get this book to use the book for doing networking in my office, so I should not pay to other.

    Please count me for one book. I am also shared.

    Mr. G.T.

  20. Tvrtko Andrijanic

    I read the PDF sample I share it on face and now dear TWC people I only need full edition book…

    Thanks great giveaway 🙂

  21. Tvrtko Andrijanic

    OK people the book is mine !

    Thank you TWC

  22. Lynda

    I recently bought an Epson wireless printer. After many hours of phone calls, and hell, I finally bought ethernet cable so I could consistently use the printer. Maybe this book could solve my woes. I probably don’t know what I am doing!!

  23. hipockets

    I work as a entry-level tech in a small corporation, and learning about networks will help me get promotions.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  24. john d

    I could use the book to link the machines at my home. It will avoid use of USB drives for data transfer.

    john d

  25. jamir

    I’d love to win a copy to learn how to set up my computers to share my printer and internet.
    and has access to my files stored on my computer with my laptop.
    thank you for this beautiful gift.
    i share
    & facebook profil:

  26. cornjaco

    I am very clumsy with networks, got 6 PC’s here, all stand-alones. Time to change that.!/Cornjaco

  27. Grr

    thanks for the giveaway. I need this book as I want to setup a network for 3 PCs. Additionally I have to do this in Windows-7 OS, which I recently bought & have no idea on using it. My 1st time with Windows-7. So please count me in.

    My twitter share:


    @Ciprian – Thanks for bringing us this book and all the articles on ur blog.

  28. aldji

    I’d like to win to learn how to relate and share my three desktop and two laptop computers between them (two computers running Linux and Windows 7 and the two laptop windows xp sp3)
    thank you for this beautiful gift.
    following you and
    I share the giveaway on twitter and facebook
    my tweet

  29. Congrats 🙂

    David Weaver
    Chris Doherty

    As mentioned earlier, please create an account at the O’Reilly Shop:

    You will then need to send me back your user account name and e-mail ID you used to register there. You can send me the details at: thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com .

    Once I have this info, I will send it to O’Reilly Media, who will then add the eBook to their accounts.

  30. Grr

    Congrats to the winners.


  31. Tvrtko Andrijanic

    Guys use it and read it 🙂

    Congrats to all

  32. Hello all!

    I think I have waited for more than a reasonable time for all 7 to respond. However I have received the required details from only 3 : Chris Doherty, Wesley and Raghz. I have to send details of all 7 at the same time.

    I had also shared about the winners list on Twitter and Facebook.

    So I am assuming that the remaining 4 are not interested.

    So what I am going to do now, is that the next 4 who:

    Create an account at the O’Reilly Shop:

    – Send me your user account name and e-mail ID you used to register there, at: thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com .

    Comment here that you have done the above two things,

    will be considered as the winners.

    Anyone can do these things afresh to be considered! The first 4 will be considered as winners on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Regards 🙂

  33. Chris Doherty

    E-Mail sent.

    Thank you The Windows Club, O’Reilly and the books author.

  34. Rahul Gupta

    Done as you said!

  35. Nick Burns

    I’ve registered at O’Reilly and sent an email.

  36. I have received mail from only Chris. Perhaps the others would like to resend me the mail: thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com OR happyandyk at hotmail dot com .

  37. Nick Burns

    My original email was sent via Gmail.
    Just resent it via my ol’ hotmail addy.

  38. Nick Burns

    Have you received my email?

  39. I have received email from Nick Burns too.

  40. Wesley

    Thanks for the update. I will resend my information as confirmation.

  41. I have received mail from the following 6 people only. I have checked the inbox and the junk folder of both my mail ID’s.

    Chris Doherty
    Chris – Tigertoes
    Nick Burns
    Wesley Kitchen
    Rahul Gupta

    I am now forwarding the details of these 6 only to O’Reilly. They will get in touch with you directly now.

  42. Nick Burns

    w00t! Just received the email and confirmed the eBook is in my accounts @ O’Reilly! Thanks Windows Club!!

  43. Raghz

    Received the ebook in my O’Reilly account.. 🙂
    Thanks once again.

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