Fix: Windows Easy Transfer couldn’t open the file in Windows 7

If when you use Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7 to restore data from the spanned migration store, you receive the following error message: Windows Easy Transfer couldn’t open the file

… then here are a few trouble-shooting steps you may want to try out!

This issue occurs when the spanned migration store files are not in the same location, or the spanned migration store is corrupted.

So first, verify the location of the migration store files

To do so, Open Computer folder and in the Search Computer box, type *.mig* and hit Enter. Note the location of all files that have a *.mig extension such as *.mig, *.mig01, and so on.

Make sure that all files that have a *.mig extension are in the same folder. If they are not in the same folder, follow these steps:
– Select a folder in the migration store.
– Select all the *.mig files that are listed in the Search Results window and that are not in the migration folder and copy-paste them in the selected folder.

Try to run Windows Easy Transfer again.

If it doesnt help, try to copy the migration store files to another location.

To do so, right-click an empty area of your desktop, point to New, and then click Folder. Name the folder Migration Temp, and press Enter.
Now open Computer folder and again search for  *.mig* files. Copy-paste all these files into the newly created Migration Temp folder on your desktop.

Now run Windows Easy Transfer, and point to the Migration Temp folder location when you transfer files and settings to the computer.

More at KB980870.

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