Fix: Windows 7 Starter edition desktop wallpaper turns black

If you do not activate and register your Windows 7 Starter Edition in time you will find that your desktop background wallpaper turns to a black screen. This is done to to indicate the the copy of Windows 7 Starter Edition is not genuine.

Restore Windows 7 Starter edition desktop wallpaper

This tip will tell you how you can restore the background of your desktop to its original wallpaper.

To do so, open Control Panel > Display. In the left side navigation panel, click on Change color scheme.

Now in the Windows color and appearance box which opens up, from the drop-down menu under Color scheme, select Windows Classic. Click Apply. Next in the color scheme drop-down list, select Windows 7 Basic and click OK.

This will restore your Windows 7 Starter Edition wallpaper. You should now try and register your copy of Windows to make it genuine.

This tip will help you, if you are facing this problem in your  Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter E or Windows 7 Starter N editions.

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Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is an end-user Windows enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP in Windows, since 2006, and the Admin of Please create a System Restore Point before trying out any software & be careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware. Add me on Google+.
  • Mark

    Isn’t W7 Starter free?

  • Ferry Indrapratama

    nothing comes free from M$oft

  • Xaccell

    No. It is not free. But there are tons of free stuff from ‘M@soft’, like one of the best FREE antivirus solutions: Microsoft Security Essentials….

  • Anand Khanse
  • Ferry Indrapratama

    MSE didn’t come free, you have to buy Win/OS genuine license first before use it, won’t be applied without it (M$oft never release “anything” under the GNU/GPL)

  • WaynesCellphoneDiary1

    Well the only things from Microsoft that are free are your Windows PC OS updates…. :)

  • WaynesCellphoneDiary1

    Well the only things from Microsoft that are free are your Windows PC OS updates…. :)

  • mik

    thanks boss

  • em

    this is very helpful for noobs like me. thank you very much

  • Alex Hodge

    Thanks very much :)


    Thanks but I’m running Windows 7 ultimate. Any tip for that?

  • wilson

    Thank u so mush you are so very helpful 😀

  • abbas

    hi.tnx a lot for solving my problem

  • Dartgagnan

    Thanks HappyAndyK – was searching all over for the solution… Worked like a charm.

  • digitalcrunch

    GNU/GPL doesn’t mean free and free doesn’t mean GNU/GPL. This is why you see “free as in beer”, not free as in freedom. You are correct they don’t release anything with freedom (GNU/GPL), but they do release some stuff free, as in beer.

  • vince

    Wow this worked perfectly for me ! and also to those who wants a free activation for windows 7 starter-ultimate you can download (Win-7 Loader) i dont know the link but you can find it from google but still it is better to but so it is legal like me

  • sne

    my laptop is a Packard bell and I cant find ”change colour scheme” after clicking control panel

  • Rai

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