Firefox opens 2009-2010 Mozilla Campus Reps Signups.

In case you havent heard of it, the Mozilla Campus Representative Program, is an initiative of movement. The objective being very clear : Enlist young campus reps, spread the word about Firefox and increase its use.

mozilla campus reps

2009-2010 Campus Reps Signups are now open. To become a Firefox Campus rep, you have to complete a survey and register yourself. You will then be provided with a cool Swag Pack, consisting of stickers, badges, T-shirts, etc, which you may distribute.

Here are just a few reasons, mentioned on the website, why one should be an active member of the Mozilla Campus Reps program.
– Opportunity to experience grassroots marketing at its finest
– Develop your skills in communications and technology
– Gain knowledge about open source software and the Web
– Become a community leader and work with other students and faculty around the world to build your network.
– Get a reference letter from Mozilla and enhance your resume
Tell everyone you know why you think Firefox is the browser choice of your generation.

A nice marketing intitiative; catch ‘em young seems to be the mantra!

Any lessons to be learnt here?

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  • aby kurian

    its the best browser i hav used, i lov mozilla

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