Firefox 29 comes with new design and customization options

Firefox 29 is now available for download. Mozilla has launched Firefox 29 with a cool new design interface and several customization options. The popular web browser has been reimagined and redesigned completely and introduces several new features including an elegant design, new menu, customization mode and an enhanced Firefox Sync service powered by Firefox Accounts.

Mozilla Firefox 29

Firefox 29 Firefox 29 comes with new design and customization options

The new design is minimalistic and cool with sleek tabs that make it easier for you to focus on the content. When not being used, the other tabs fade into the background and become less conspicuous.

The Settings, options menu now appears on the right side. It offers a new Customization mode that promises to give you an amazing web browsing experience. Mozilla has introduced Firefox Sync, a service powered by Firefox Accounts, that lets you take your Firefox and its settings, saved passwords, data, bookmarks, etc across your Windows computers as well as mobile Android devices.

Firefox 29 new features in a nutshell

  1. Sleek new tabs, new design and a modern look
  2. Add-ons Manager can now be accessed directly from the menu
  3. Firefox Sync Powered by Firefox Accounts lets you carry your Firefox and its settings anywhere across devices and gives you access to Awesome Bar history, saved passwords, bookmarks and more
  4. Customization Mode lets you customize and  personalize your Web experience
  5. You can create bookmarks with a single click and manage them from the same place.
  6. Firefox Menu offers browser controls, features and add-ons in one place
  7. Several Web Platform improvements and new Developer Tools.

I updated my Firefox to the new version and must say that it looks good and runs faster too.

Firefox 29 download

Read more about the new Firefox 29 here. You can upgrade your Firefox by clicking on About > Check for Updates or you can download it from here. You can also download Firefox in over 70 languages from here. After downloading Firefox, make sure all your plugins are up-to-date here. You can also update your add-ons from within the browsers add-ons manager.

update add ons Firefox 29 comes with new design and customization options

Let us know what you think of the new version of Mozilla Firefox!

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  • Innocence

    LOL!!! Chrome 2.0

  • Ed

    Ok, they go and redesign the entire browser but won’t build a 64 bit browser??? where is Firefox’s common sense? 32bit is falling to the wayside, 64 bit is the norm these days. LMAO! Cyberfox, Palemoon.

  • Jim

    Noticeable performance differences between 32 and 64 bit browsers are negligible at best…in fact, unless you have a super high speed (50 Mbps or better) internet connection, you wont notice a difference at all.

  • Frank

    True. The fact is, the entire 64-bit thing is extremely over rated and is little more than a selling point to make consumers fee as if they are buying the “latest and greatest” equipment and software.

    The ONLY real advantage to it…increased RAM.

  • Jim

    Why is it that this site has yet to mention that the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team A division of the US Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team have advised the citizen of the US and UK to stop using IE version 6 – 11 because of the newly discovered security vulnerability?

    Is this sudden endorsement of Firefox a way to offer an alternitive without having to admit IE is, has always been, and always will be the little more than a virus all it’s own?

  • Anand Khanse

    Your views are dated Jim. IE6 gave Internet Explorer a bad name. But the recent versions of Internet Explorer are secure and good. Although I have IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome installed on my computer, I prefer to use IE11 any day, than any other browser, to be honest. And it’s not because I am in any way associated with Microsoft – as some may be inclined to think. I am not. That’s just my personal preference.

    The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued this warning to stop using IE – TILL a patch was released. You forgot to mention that. Vulnerabilities are found in all software from time to time. What is important is how quickly they are patched.

    There is no new-found love for any browser here. This site has the interest of Windows users in its mind. We have covered Firefox, Chrome and Opera on more than one occasions. We showcase alternatives and options. The decision is the users.

    Have a look at There are some more browsers you can choose from.

  • Dan

    I use IE 11 for Windows 7, and it’s great; I must admit, on some occasions even MS’ “Bing” returns more useable results to me than Google. My wife and I still have to deal with some IE8-only sites, and the current compatability mode is the smoothest yet. We tend to use Chrome or Firefox for one reason: IE is a core browser capable of doing more than just affecting browsing; after IE8 there are no plugins; if we could effect the same XSS/reflected XSS security we can through other browsers’ plugins, we’d use IE11 all the time.

  • Jim

    IE has ALWAYS had security issues far and above of those of any other browser, despite MS funded “independent” security testing…and NEVER has the US-CERT issued a warning of this nature…much less issuing jointly with UK-CERT. IE holds the honor of being the one and only browser that the US and/or UK governments has ever told people to stop using do to security flaws. There are even a dozen or so secuity issues MS has not even told the public about because then they would be required to “fix” them…and the fix would slightly impede performance!

    Your loyalty is admirable…despite being misguided

    But the question remains…why has this site not even mentioned this issue and helped to warn people of a major security flaw in IE versions 6 – 11?

  • Anand Khanse
  • Banana Rama

    All right!! But still remain: if I do NOT like the new look, what shoul I do?
    How to return to FF 28.0 look?



    Firefox seems to be much innovative with it’s Mozilla-esque look that includes over-sized back button, a separate search box, and default menu options with a revamped design.

    Read More At: A new Revamped & Updated | Mozilla Firefox 29

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Classic Theme Restorer, and Classic Toolbar Buttons. Both Add-ons will get you back the look of 28.

  • Flynn Rider

    Firefox 29 is not working good… too many problem i have facing till i installed, restore session is not working…. and if you are using a two account in windows 7.. then it works only admin account… … :(…. the 28.0 was too good…. i want to go back 28.0 :(

  • Pete

    The ONLY thing that I want to see Firefox do is FIX THE SCRIPT ISSUE that locks the danged browser up! Until then, Firefox is junk!

  • Paul

    This latest version is less customisable, forward/back button and reload button is locked in position where previously you could move them to where you wanted them.

  • Paul

    Download Palemoon which is a stripped down version of FireFox, script errors are much less.

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