Find out who unfriended you on Facebook with Unfriend Finder

The moment you are sent a Friend request in Facebook, you get a notification. Or the moment your Friend request is accepted by the other person, you are notified. But how would you find out if someone unfriended you on Facebook? There is way to find this out, natively, unless ofcourse you actually decide to go through your list manually – which of course is something no one will do!

Well, if you want to find out who unfriended you and want to be notified every time someone unfriends you, you can use Unfriend Finder.

Unfriend Finder

Unfriend Finder is a small browser add-on which notifies you when anyone unfriends you and keeps track of your Pending Friend request, so that if you see your Friend request lying Pending for a long time – you know that the other person may not want to befriend you. This will help you decide if you want to cancel your Friend Request that you sent to the person.

Once you install Unfriend Finder, you will see a new tab Unfriends, near your Home link. You will get your notifications here.

You will also see its link as ‘Unfriends’, under your Favorites, on the left side.

When some friend of yours deactivates his or her profile, you will be notified.

In the bottom right side, near your search bar, you will be able to access and Change its settings.

Most may not really care to be notified if someone unfriended them, but there will always be the curious type who may want to be notified of these activities. Unfriend Finder is sure to help them out in such cases.

Unfriend Finder works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and  Safari. Head over to its download page and you will be given the specific instructions for  your web browser on how to install this add-on.

If you are the sensitive types, maybe you do not want to install the Unfriend Finder. You dont want to get depressed, everytime, some one you dont know personally, from the other end of the world, decides to unfriend you! 🙂

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