Facebook Legacy lets you Choose an Heir for your Facebook Account

Ever wondered what will happen to your online accounts after you die? Who will access your email accounts, Facebook IDs and Twitter handles? Facebook, the most popular social networking website today have your very important personal details, photos and videos, ever wondered what will happen to those after you are no more?

Obviously our Facebook accounts won’t die with us, it remains online and your valuable data could be lost forever or be hacked by some exploiters.

Facebook Legacy

Well, Facebook brings a nice solution to this problem. Facebook now lets you choose an heir to your account with Facebook Legacy.

Facebook Legacy is a relatively new and unknown feature released by the social networking company earlier this year. This feature lets users choose to designate their account to their heir after their death or they can choose to delete the account.

Facebook blog post announcing the feature says, “If someone chooses, they may give their legacy contact permission to download an archive of the photos, posts and profile information they shared on Facebook. Other settings will remain the same as before the account was memorialized,” The legacy contact will not be able to log in as the person who passed away or see that person’s private messages.”

Designate your Facebook Account to an Heir

Go to your Facebook page and scroll down till end. Select Security settings and then click on Legacy Contact.

This is where you can select an heir for your Facebook data. You can send them a message to inform that you are selecting them as an heir and they will have an access to your Facebook page after you die.

Facebook Legacy

You can also choose to delete your account after your death. Facebook also offers an option of memorializing a Facebook page where the family and friends are allowed to leave the messages of remembrance, however one need to provide the proof of death to memorialize the account.

The feature of Facebook Legacy is currently available for U.S. users but will soon be rolled out to everyone.

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