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Maintaining a diary is always a good habit as it helps us recording our memories, our experiences and our perceptions along the way of life. I was struggling with paper and pen to maintain my personal diary before I started using the interesting app ‘Efficient Diary. After getting habituated to  the laptop, filling long pages of my diary was not really a preferred option. Efficient Diary is an absolutely free, while still fine-looking, simple and useful electronic diary software package.

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Efficient Diary is an easy and attractive diary application which comes all features allowing you to maintain your daily diary, record and organize your events. With a well-organized and simple interface this diary application resembles much to Microsoft Outlook. Furthermore, you can personalize your diary with your own preferences by selecting from a wide range of fonts, colors, sizes and effects. You can also set the background picture and background color, of each diary entry separately and give it a completely personalized touch.efficient diary header

You can create the diary entries using its built-in text editor where you can choose the font style, size and color. You can also emphasize the important text by underlining it or by adding ‘italic’ or ‘bold’ options.  All other options like setting the text alignment, adding bullets and numbered lists are also available.

Like a well written word-document you can give a header to your diary entry reflecting your mood or the title of the entry. Making it more organized, you can add different groups to categorize your diary entries.

It is powerful and unique full-text search feature allows user to find any of their diary entries just by entering a word in the search. Resembling much to Microsoft Word, Efficient Diary allows user to add table, emoticon, URLs, picture or even file attachments. Entire content in the Efficient Diary is encrypted and thus is fully protected; furthermore the login password is also encrypted by the irreversible and powerful Secure Hash Algorithm. efficient diary search

You can manage your diary entries date wise or in a hierarchical order. Just like your computer system, this application also has a recycle bin, so if you delete any entry by mistake, you can always restore it from the Recycle Bin.

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Efficient Diary is available both as paid version as well as a freeware. The paid version no doubt has some extra features like using hyperlinks, but the freeware also includes all the required features. I am using the freeware Efficient Diary and am pretty much satisfied.

Time flies while the apps like Efficient Diary allow use to record and hoard our insights and experiences of life – after all what is life but a collection of memories & experiences!

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