Microsoft Word 2013 allows editing PDF files!

Yes, you can now edit PDF files right inside Word 2013 Customer Preview. Office 2010 provided the option to save a document as PDF. Now with this new version of Microsoft Office, you can even edit a PDF file within Word 2013.


When you install Office 2013, you will notice that the context menu for any PDF file, has an option to open a PDF file in Microsoft Word, along with your other PDF Readers like Adobe Reader or Foxit and Windows Reader, if you are on Windows 8.


Edit PDF files using Word 2013

When you open any PDF file in Word 2013,  it starts to convert it using Microsoft PDF Reflow.

Screenshot (125)

Microsoft PDF Reflow, will convert all the files contents, including its formatting like paragraphs, lists, headers, columns, footnotes , tables, etc, into Word content. You will be able to edit even the tables. I tried with various smaller PDF documents and it kept all its formatting, even after the conversion. You can read more about it here.

Then I also tried bigger-sized PDF’s like e-books (sized ~30MB) . It took a bit of time to convert – but it did its job. So, you can try large files too if you have some newer systems with more memory.

Here is the screenshot of the Task Manager while the conversion was going on.

Screenshot (133)

Once it opens the PDF in Word, it will be in Read Only / Protected mode.


You can click on ‘Enable Editing’ to modify the document and carry out the required modifications, and then save it as PDF or as doc .

In this way you will able to edit PDF files using Office 2013.

This is a great feature in Word 2013, among many other cool features of Microsoft Office 2013! Go here for downloading the Office 2013 CP or Trial version.

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