Easy Facebook Photo Uploader: Upload Photos to Facebook quickly using Context Menu

Social Media is at it’s peek now and everyone loves to share their pictures and video with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  etc. Even I love doing that as well. But instead of opening the browser, logging in and upload a picture, which involves a lot of steps, I wanted an easier way.  involved. I started searched for Desktop based application for Facebook that would  let me upload the pictures right from my desktop. Finally I found one which I was looking for,  Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook.

Easy Facebook Photo Uploader

I usually don’t review such application, but this one caught my attention. Especially since it supported context menu integration. Using Easy Facebook Photo Uploader you can upload the pictures to your Facebook account, just by right-clicking on the picture(s) and click on Send photo (s) to Facebook. This makes it a lot easier to upload the pictures to Facebook. The best part is that the application will even resize images before uploading, So the upload will be a lot faster, rather than uploading it first to Facebook, and then the website resizing the image and finally posting it.

The installation is pretty straight forward. You just install it first then it will ask you to pick the image that you would like to upload. Once you select the image, you will see a pop-up window. You will need to authorize Easy Facebook Photo Uploader and allow it access to your Facebook account.


Once it’s authorized, the application will access all your Facebook albums and let you choose which album you want to upload it to – or you can create a brand new one.

Easy Facebook Photo Uploader

The other way to upload the images are by just by right clicking on the picture(s) and click on “Send your photo (s) to Facebook”.


Once you select that option and selected the album, you will see a progress window.


Here is video that explains the process.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyG-zzgxNFg]

Easy Facebook Photo Uploader download free

You can download the application from here. Easy Facebook Photo Uploader uses Wic Codec for RAW photos format and supports many more file formats, which save us the trouble of conversion.

If you are a Social Media addict like I am, then you’ll definitely find this application useful. If you happen to test this application let us know what you think. If you are using another application I would love to know about it.

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