Extended Monitor and Dual Screen Options in Windows 8

Since Windows 8 is a new operating system from Microsoft, users are trying to find out different options on Windows 8 and learning how to use them.  In this post I will be taking about the settings available for Dual Screen on Windows 8. You access different Dual Screen options on Windows you have to click on Devices first.

Multiple monitor setup in Windows 8

Go to your Start Screen and bring up the Charms bar.


Click on Devices. You will bring up the “Second Screen” options.


Once you click on “Second Screen” you will get four different Options


The options mean the following:

1. PC screen Only : Which just shows on screen

2. Duplicate: Which basically duplicates the the screen

3. Extend: This option will extend the Windows 8 Desktop and Metro – and this would be the ideal option for Dual screen computers.



You can a toggle the primary monitor between Metro UI and the Dsktop when we press the Windows Logo Key. The extended Monitor will however always show the static desktop screen.

4. Second screen only: As the name suggests it picks only the second screen; assuming that you want to use only the second screen.


It will give you 10 seconds to change you decision. If you click on “No” it will revert back to your previous settings.

In my opinion the best option for Dual Screen Windows 8 PC, is to use the Extend Monitor settings, so that you don’t have to toggle between Metro and Desktop screen.

Hope you find this article helpful!

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