Comic: The case for using (or not using) an Ad Blocker

While its an open secret that using ad-blockers deprive website owners & bloggers of advertising revenue, there are some webmasters who do an overkill, forcing surfers to use them.

Enjoy this comic from Tech Of Joy!

The Windows Club uses Google AdSense, etc, for display ads. Such revenue goes towards the hosting & upkeep costs of the website, development of freeware, payment to authors, CDN, Cloudflare, etc, apart from also being a source of revenue for me.

If you use Ad Blockers, if you wish, you can always disable ad-blockers on websites you don’t want to hurt.

Nothing on this planet is free. Many of us assume that the Internet is a free source of information. Is it really free? Can it really exist in the utopian free state? In today’s life, one cannot do away with ads – whether it’s in the newspapers, the television, the outdoors or the web. You may ignore the newspaper ads, go for a snack when the TV ads are flashed or go blind to the large billboards which dot Urbania. The ads are there, you may choose to ignore them – but they are still there none the less, make no mistake!

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