Color your Windows 7 / 8 folders with Folder Colorizer

Sometimes it does become rather difficult trying to search out an oft-accessed folder, especially if there are many folders in that mother folder. This is where software like Folder Colorizer can help you.

Color Windows folders

Folder Colorizer is a freeware that lets you color your Windows explorer folder color and change it from the default cream color. Using this application, you can assign any color to your frequently accessed folders.

No longer will you have to run your eyes over many folders to access your favorite folder. Having a different color will make the folder stand out, so that you can open it quickly.

The tool even supports your own colors, labels and works seamlessly with any version of Windows.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, before you can start coloring your folders, you will be asked to submit your email ID. That is the only caveat – otherwise the freeware works just fine!

Folder Colorizer free download

Folder Colorizer worked just fine on my Windows 8.1 too. You can download it from its Home Page or by clicking here. Just make sure you uncheck offers to install third-party software like Mobogenie, etc.

We have covered several such folder customizers and colorizers in the past. You might want to also check them out:

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  • Chevelles240

    Pretty cool! Thanks!

  • TheBigOldDog

    nice! I have to take the time to instal this and use it to get better organized. I wish win7 had something like this from the start.

  • farhan

    guy’s please help me … i download and installed, when i right click on the folder there is just 2 options color and restore original color, and when i click on the color, nothing will happened, im using win 7, please guide … thanks, Farhan

  • Whasaap


  • Alain

    Hi, nice work here. That was missing a lot…
    A nice update would be to be able to colorize a selection of few folders.

  • Mike Milo


  • fredphoesh

    nice, but why just folders???
    how about files???????

  • 21


  • anonymous

    has bugs for windows 8 wi ll not load custom colors section nor change folders from one color to another have to install or restart machine to get it to change folder colors do not use if have windows 8 as developer has failed to fix these issues

  • Brett

    Decent app. Comes with lots of bloatware. Can I create a legend for the colours so my staff have a place they can refer to in case they forget what each colour means.

  • Tobin Max

    Will the colour’d folders still be colour’d on computers that dont have the software installed?

  • Ayhla Hades

    I like it!

  • Rodolfo

    Thank you.
    Very good list of apps to customize the folder.

  • Tee

    Windows 10? When?

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