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How to schedule a Scan in Windows Defender

Microsoft has provided Windows 10/8 with a built-in security software, Windows Defender. Its free, easy to use and has great features like other competitor antivirus software in its class. In this post we will see how to schedule a full […]

How to change Windows 10 Lock Screen Timeout Period

Does your Windows 10 computer turn off display after being locked for 1 minute? You can enable Console Lock Display Off Timeout in Windows Power Options and change Windows 10 Lock Screen Timeout Period, by following this tutorial. Windows 10/8 […]

Change default Image Editor in Windows using Registry

In Windows, whenever we right-click on an image, we’re provided with the option to edit it. By default it opens with Microsoft Paint and you can then edit the image on the go. But sometimes it may happen that you want […]

Fix: Unable to Mount ISO on Windows 10/8/7

One of the main feature of Windows 10/8 is the ability to mount ISO image without the help of third party application. We often use this feature because large software downloads like Office or Visual Studio and sometime games too, are available for […]

Windows 8 Product Lifecycle Support Policy Revealed

Microsoft has announced its Product Lifecycle Support Policy for Windows 8. Microsoft offers two kinds of supports to the Windows operating systems – the mainstream support, where it releases security as well as performance or maintenance updates and offers general […]

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Do you really need a Start Menu or Button for Windows 8?

When Microsoft first showed that it was no longer using the Start Button and Menu in its newest version of Windows OS – Windows 8, early testers labeled it as a major glitch & one of the most controversial decision ever […]

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Microsoft BitLocker Feature in Windows 10/8/7

The BitLocker Drive Encryption is a full disk encryption feature included with Microsoft’s Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes. By default […]

How To Customize Windows 8

I have been waiting for someone to find out a way to start customizing Windows 8. Well, the time has come to talk about the few customization option available today. I’ll discuss a few of them with you which I […]

Pin Recent Documents Menu Shortcut Tile to Windows 8 Start Screen

Along with the removal of Start menu from Windows 8, several other features including ‘Recent’ Documents menu were also removed. If you remember, the shortcut/feature displayed a list of files and documents you most recently used. This  is no longer available in […]

Enable or Turn on IIS or Internet Information Services on Windows 8

IIS or Internet Information Services is a technology included in Windows Server, which provides a security-enhanced, easy-to-manage web server for developing and reliably hosting web applications and web services. This enables organizations to deliver rich, web-based experiences. IIS is not […]

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Flip 3D feature in Windows – Enable or Disable

This article will tell you how to disable or enable Flip 3D in Windows 7 or Windows Vista while keeping all the other Aero features intact. Pressing the Win+Tab key lets you scroll or cycle through all the open windows […]