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WIMBoot or Windows Image Boot explained

Users slammed Microsoft Surface tablet over glaring disk space consumption issue. They believed, that the device’s operating system, ARM-compatible version of Windows called Windows RT consumed a little more than half of the on-board storage space available to the 32GB model, […]

Windows 8.1 Update fails to install

Fix: Windows 8.1 Update fails to install

Many users have been reporting that the newly released Windows 8.1 Update has failed to install on their Windows 8.1 computers. In this post we will see some generic and specific ways to try and troubleshoot this problem. Windows 8.1 […]

rename computer windows 8.1

Rename computer via PC Settings easily in Windows 8.1

Windows users are already familiar as to how the operating system lets your change your computer name via the Control Panel. You have to open the Control Panel, select System applet, Advanced System Settings from the left side. In the […]

Download Windows 8.1 Update

Download Windows 8.1 Update from Microsoft Download Center

If you are unable to download and install the new Windows 8.1 Update via Windows Update, even after having set your Windows 8 to download and install Updates automatically, you can download and install this Windows 8.1 Update package from […]

Windows XP End of Life recommendations

Windows XP End of Life recommendations – What next!?

00.00.00. The countdown clock has stopped. Microsoft ends Windows XP support today, having already pushed the last bunch of Updates. If you have not yet updated your computer yet, you might want to update your Windows XP one last time! […]

Emergency Restart Windows

How to Emergency Restart or Shutdown Windows 10/8/7

There may be some situations where you may need to restart or shut down your Windows system urgently. This could be an emergency situation, where you need to instantly shutdown or restart your system – or there could be a situation […]

Windows 8.1 Update Guides

Windows 8.1 Update Guides and How-to videos

Microsoft has released a set of videos and guides to help, business as well as power users to familiarize themselves with the new features of Windows 8.1 Update.  The Windows 8.1 Update or KB2919355, is now available for download to […]

Windows 8.1 Update introduces new features and enhancements

When users provide feedback to a responsive company, they materially impact the brand and ensure that the product you get is the product what you expect. Ever since Windows 8 was introduced in 2012, we saw some changes happening with Windows […]

Spencer: Classic Windows XP Start Menu for Windows 10/8

Windows 8 came with a few praises and many complaints, and the chief complaint was the missing Start menu and button. Although Microsoft released Windows 8.1 update on 17 October, bringing back the Start Button, it just takes users to […]

ChkDsk will not run

ChkDsk or Check Disk will not run at startup in Windows 10

Whenever we need to detect and fix file system or disk corruption, we run the built-in Windows Check Disk tool. The Check Disk utility or ChkDsk.exe checks file system errors, bad sectors, lost clusters, and so on. If the disk […]

USB Device Not Recognized

USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10/8/7

Sometimes, when you plug a USB device to your Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer, you may receive a USB Device Not Recognized pop up message. If your USB device is not detected, then this post will show […]

How to Configure Logon Script Delay In Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1, as far as Group Policy Objects are concerned, Microsoft has made significant changes to improve system performance. Previously, we told you about the Group Policy Caching to speed up the logon process of the system. Today, in […]