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Bitdefender Rootkit Remover for Windows released

Bitdefender has just released its new experiment in anti-malware, the Bitdefender Rootkit Remover. Rootkits for Windows are typically used to mask malicious software from an antivirus program. It is used for malicious purposes by viruses, worms, backdoors and spyware. A virus combined […]

3 Useful Link Checkers & URL Scanners for Chrome Browser

You can certainly overcome the possibility of downloading malicious programs to your computer by avoiding visiting websites that support malicious software. URL scanners scan links that you open in your browser, and notifies you if any suspicious activity is noted. […]

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Malware Removal Guide & Tools for Beginners

Windows being the most popular OS in the world, malware writers want to target it. As a result, a lot of malware and malicious software are written for it. This makes people wrongly comment that Windows is not secure; when the fact is […]

Chameleon: Run Malwarebytes on an Infected System

A day ago, we reviewed Malwarebytes Anti-malware software which helps in protecting your system from malicious infections. But sometimes, malware may block antivirus software from being installed or if installed, from being run. Such malicious programs are really very resistant to Anti-malware tools […]

Online Fraud: Prevention, Detection, Recovery

Microsoft has released a 12-page booklet, titled Online Fraud: Guide to Prevention, Detection, and Recovery, that will arm you with knowledge you need, to help avoid the most common types of online scams. Online Fraud According to the recent Microsoft NCSAM […]

Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner will scan your PC in a minute

Bitdefender has launched a free virus scanner that scans your Windows computer in 60 seconds flat. Called Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner, the product works whether another antivirus software is installed on your computer or not. It is easy to install […]

Download Malwarebtytes Anti-Rootkit for Windows

Most of you may be aware of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware whose free version is very popular among Windows users. The same people have now released Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit, which is currently in the beta stage. Rootkits for Windows are typically used to mask malicious software from […]

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PrivacyFix Review: Protect your privacy on the Internet

Yesterday, we posted about how companies like Google, Facebook, etc track your online activities and profit from the data generated. As mentioned, there are several tools to fix and prevent data collection. One of them is PrivacyFix. Privacy Fix – Stop Websites From […]

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency Kit: Free portable anti-malware with dual-engine

Emsisoft the developers of Emsisoft Anti-Malware have released an updated version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit. The free program consists of four powerful tools. Emsisoft Emergency Kit includes the world’s only free dual-engine scanner and is able to reliably detect and remove malware on […]

Microsoft Security Compliance Manager for Windows & Windows Server

Microsoft Security Compliance Manager is a free tool from Microsoft Solution Accelerators team that can help you configure and manage, both desktops and servers using Group Policy and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. The main feature of the new version is […]