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How to add a new user using Admin account in Office 365

If you start using Office 365 Cloud Business productivity solution plans, you need to set up accounts for your team members as well. As you are the admin, only you have privileges to do so. You’ll need to create user names and […]

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Infographic: Guide to Microsoft Office 365

Infographics appear to be the flavor of the season. Here is one by CloudHyperMarket, which illustrates the features of Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest cloud offering for business, which comes with a lot of features and functionality. […]

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Microsoft Office 365 released – Pricing, Video, Links

June 28 2011 witnessed Microsoft Office 365 remove the ‘Beta’ tag from its name and step foot into the business domain with a basketful of advantages and cost-saving options. The bottom line is that Microsoft Office 365 allows you to […]

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White Paper: Security in Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has released a white paper Security in Office 365. This whitepaper provides an overview of the security practices and technology that support enterprise-grade security in Microsoft Office 365 for businesses of all sizes. Microsoft Office 365 security When allowing […]

Microsoft Office 365 Jump Start Video series for IT Pros

The newly released Microsoft Office 365 video series provides an overview and  perspective of the overall value Office 365 services and how it can serve modern organizations in terms of productivity, access, familiarity, security, control and reliability. Office 365 is […]

Infographic: Office 2010 One Year Anniversary Statistics

Microsoft Office 2010, the finest yet, was launched a year ago. Check out this Infographic. Explore statistics of interest about how customers use and view the latest versions of Microsoft Office products since the launch a year ago. Click on […]

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Microsoft Analytics for Twitter add-in for Excel

Microsoft Analytics for Twitter is an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel 2010, which lets you query Twitter and get dashboard views on Tweet  statistics like Tweeters, #hashtags, @mentions,  keywords, etc. Microsoft Analytics for Twitter With this FREE add-in, you can: […]

Fix: Microsoft Word has stopped working

When I started getting this error Microsoft Word has stopped working – A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available, on my Office installation, I was a […]

How to crop images using Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has so much power that can really help you in making great presentation. Earlier, I had briefed on how to remove background using Microsoft PowerPoint which actually allowed you to use Microsoft PowerPoint for removing background. Now let […]

Basic OneNote tutorials for beginners to get started

In few last posts of mine, I have been talking about Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 continuously. Now here is my list of top basic OneNote tutorials and tips which will help you use Microsoft Office OneNote more efficiently. OneNote tutorials for […]

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How to share your Office OneNote Notebooks online

You can share your Microsoft Office One Note 2010 Notebooks with your family, friends or colleagues anytime you want. OneNote provides a simple and easy way to do so. You just need your Windows Live ID to Sync with OneNote […]