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Microsoft bliink, a web design contest for students launched

Microsoft has launched Microsoft bliink, a web design contest for middle and high school students across US. Microsoft bliink is about providing a opportunity for Aspiring Technologists in US high schools to create websites that ‘Imagine a future made better […]

How to sync folders using Windows Live Mesh

The Windows Live Mesh and the Devices website allows you to access the stuff on your computers from almost anywhere. Windows Live Sync has now been replaced by the Windows Live Mesh 2011, earlier known as Live Mesh beta. Sync […]

Ask Kids a search engine for kids

Ask Kids is a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12. It’s a free, safe, fun way for kids and their parents to quickly and easily research school topics like science, math, geography, language arts, and […]

WWF, a green file format from World Wide Fund

World Wide Fund has introduced a file format, called the WWF format, and has labeled it as a new green file format, with the noble idea of trying to save paper – and consequently trees!

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Hotmail users complain of vanishing e-mail

Hundred’s of Hotmail users are complaining that their e-mails have been deleted. Many have complained that after logging in, they found that several or all of their personal photos and other valuable data had gone missing.

A comprehensive look at value of Microsoft Certifications

Over the past 17 years, more than 4 million professionals have earned a Microsoft Certification. As a leader in the certification industry, Microsoft reports on the value of certification, the relevance of its programs to address the needs of professionals, […]

Top 10 tech gift ideas for Christmas

Everybody loves gadgets as they makes our living experience better and comfortable and there is nothing better than to gift a tech gadget this Christmas. This year Microsoft, Apple and many other companies released some amazing and spectacular products like […]

Top 10 Microsoft Product releases of 2010

Microsoft released some amazing products this year worldwide, from software to hardware, gaming consoles to Business productivity suites, emailing to cloud apps and from computers to mobiles – Microsoft continues its innovation to push the human race forward. These are […]

Kinect: An open door with limitless possibilities!

With Kinect being available for the past two months there has been countless talks about the new device from Microsoft. What makes the unit so special to users like me isn’t the Xbox related functions but the daily discovered uses […]