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microsoft touch mouse artist edition dimensions

The All New Stylish Artist Edition of Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft was captivated by the increase in the number of people using the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Microsoft therefore wanted to release a limited-edition graphic for the Touch Mouse that was easy to use. And now, it’s here. This mouse is […]

Download Official Facebook Security Guide

A few months back Facebook had launched its Family Safety Center, which offered a powerful set of safety and security resources for the entire family and also offered a Facebook Guide for Parents. Now, it has released its official Facebook […]

twitter to gmail

How to add Twitter Gadget and tweet from your Gmail account

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites because of its apps and the bunch of clients that connect to it. This improves the user experiences for the Tweeps.  A user can connect with Twitter from Facebook and Google+. […]

Are you a Piler, Filer or Deleter? Asks Microsoft!

Microsoft has launched a new website called What’s your Inbox like. The aim is simple. It asks you what your Inbox is like – is it a happy mess, sorted & ordered or lean & light. So have a look […]

Download Age of Empires Online Game Free Copy from Microsoft

Microsoft has launched Age of Empires Online game. The game, developed by Microsoft Game Studios for the Games for Windows invites players to create a living, growing online world, shared with friends and friendly rivals around the world. The beta […]

How To Setup Firefox Permission Manager For Websites

One important addition to Firefox has been inclusion of a Permission Manager for Firefox. The Permission Manager of Mozilla Firefox will allow users to define the users own settings for the websites. For example, a user can set whether a […]

A Guide To Laptop Motherboard Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to your laptop is the motherboard failure often resulting into laptop motherboard repair. If the motherboard is damaged and is beyond repair, you would definitely need to consider buying a new laptop. […]

How to Enable Preview Pane in Gmail

Google has added a new feature in their Labs which allows a user to enable a preview pane in Gmail. Rather than the conventional way of clicking an email, going back to the email list and clicking another email, you […]

Get the new faster Google +1 Button for your website

Google has announced that that it has made change that will make the Google +1 Button load 3 times faster on your website. You may have noticed that the Google +1 button used to a while to load; but not […]

Using Usenet to download makes much more sense

If you are an old technology geek, then you are no doubt familiar with Usenet.  Long before Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Usenet was the social network of its day. Initially launched in 1979 as a way to share “news” across […]

The Windows Club gets a new look – Feedback welcome!

I guess getting a new theme for The Windows Club was already a bit overdue. What triggered me to action, albeit a little late, was the need to make TWC load faster after Google’s clarion call to webmasters to wake […]