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How to apply for a Students Scholarship to Microsoft

If you are looking out for some scholarship to help fund your studies, you may be happy to know that Microsoft too offers undergraduate scholarships to top students who want to study computer science and related technical disciplines. Student Scholarships […]

How to get an Internship at Microsoft

We have posted on how you could apply to Microsoft for a scholarship to help fund your studies. If you are looking for an internship at Microsoft, then this post will definitely interest you. Microsoft accepts interns and offers Technical, […]

Windows Intune Features, Download, Pricing, Guides

Microsoft’s cloud-management services Windows Intune with its latest version 2.0 is now available. The release was made on 17th October and it is now available for 30 day trial. Windows Intune, the first major update to Microsoft’s cloud-based PC management […]

How to become a Beta Tester at Microsoft

Being a contributor beta tester at Microsoft opens many new doors for a tech guy. It will enhance your skills, gives you the early access to new products and sharpen your skills about using latest technologies. As a beta tester […]

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000: Review

Microsoft’s Windows OS has been making our PCs look beautiful since ages. It’s not just about the appearance but performance also that has made Microsoft grab trust of millions of users across the globe. Same description can go with Microsoft’s […]

Remotely access another computer using Chrome Remote Desktop

We have earlier told you how you could remote access another computer using web browser using TeamViewer web connector. Now Google has released an extension for Chrome browser called Chrome Remote Desktop.  This extension lets users to remotely access another computer using the […]


Microsoft Arc Keyboard: Review and Verdict

Microsoft Arc Keyboard is undoubtedly one of the most attractive wireless keyboards out there in the market. With its lightweight and comfortable design, it is certainly a must-have Microsoft hardware. However, the price tag reads $60 – and this can […]

Sneak Peek at some of the new upcoming advanced features of Hotmail M2

Hotmail keeps improving on its solid foundation providing faster performance achieved by caching emails, pre-loading messages, asynchronous operations, a virtually unlimited storage and several other innovative new features like: Spam protection: Combating the spam aggressively, Hotmail reduced the Spam reaching […]

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Install Windows 8 Metro UI on Apple’s iPad

Windows 8 developer edition has been downloaded more that 500,000 times in the first 24 hours of the developer edition release. The Windows 8 developer preview has been released recently, and it is said to be the best Windows released by […]

Download Windows Intune Product Guide

The Windows Intune cloud service provides cloud based PC management including anti-virus, patch updating and more. It helps you centrally manage and secure PCs through a simple Web-based console; whether your IT staff or end users are in the main office, […]

Windows 8 to leverage and extend Windows Live features.

We got a taste of Windows 8, but the bounties seem to be never-ending. With Microsoft already having so much to offer in Windows 8, it is widening the boundaries still further. Starting from Metro UI apps, support for ARM […]

Hotmail gets a new Storage System – making it still faster!

Hotmail receives billions of email messages each day and these have to be stored safely and has to be made readily available efficiently. Hotmail’s cloud based storage system supports over one billion mailboxes and hundreds of petabytes of data (one […]

windows8 better than windows7

5 reasons why Windows 8 will outsell Windows 7

When it comes to operating systems, it is Microsoft all the way, in all segments. No doubt Windows has improved with every release it has made over years. Microsoft understands operating system better than anybody could have done and does everything […]