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Best Free Download Managers for Windows 10/8/7

Do you download a lot of things? Then I am sure that you must be aware of the Microsoft Download Manager. But if you are looking for a free download manager with some advanced features, you might want to check out […]

Samsung SUR40 Surface Tablet – The Beast Unleashed!

After Microsoft partnered Samsung the product that was introduced was Samsung Sliding Slate, a tablet equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium and powered by the Intel Atom processor. It featured in our top 5 Windows 7 tablets list too. Now, […]

10 Best Free File Storage MegaUpload Alternatives

MegaUpload, a HongKong based company, running many online services related to file storage, sharing and viewing was some time back under a cloud of criticism and accusations of copyright wrong doings. The accusations led to the shutdown of the online service, which once […]

Hotmail app for Kindle Fire released

Microsoft is making sure that its Hotmail users can access Hotmail from any device and also get a rich experience in the process. That’s why they are releasing apps for various device platforms, and they will continue to invest in it […]

How to set up Automated Vacation Reply in Hotmail

If you have decided to go on a vacation and don’t have net access or you don’t want to be disturbed during vacation, Hotmail provides you with an option to send automated replies to all the mails received during your vacation period. […]

Stay Organized with Hotmail’s Sweep and Schedule Cleanup features

In our last post, we saw how Hotmail improves Newsletter filtering and how it reduced Spam drastically, and how it also trained its SmartScreen technology to identify a specific kind of Graymail. Now although it categorizes such Graymail under various headings like […]

Understanding Blob,Queue,Table storage in Windows Azure

This article throws light on storage in Windows Azure. When it comes to large storage, there are certain things that need to be understood. Windows Azure offers a wide range of storage services supporting virtually all types of storage needs, […]

Microsoft Lync 2010 Features, Download

Lync is Microsoft’s unified communication platform that helps you to establish virtual connection between you and people you work with. The latest release delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that is directly accessible from Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft […]

Five Free Apps to Access Facebook Chat

Whilst you can of course access Facebook chat using the webs favorite social networking site directly, it’s not your only option. There are many reasons as to why you could be interested in using a third-party web tool to […]

Infographic: Bill Gates – The New Action Hero

Ever since Bill Gates stopepd working full-time at Microsoft, he has been keeping himself busy in a very rare way – by donating and giving away his money! He and his wife Melinda Gates have via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, […]

Best Windows Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Devices at CES

The International Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, has the reputation of being the world’s major technology-related trade show. It features thousands of exhibitors and manufacturers from around the world who come here to show off their latest developments […]

Install and Use Windows 7 on iPad with OnLive Desktop

If you believe that the Apple’s iOS marches to the beats of its own drum; OnLive is all the evidence you need. OnLive Desktop, brings Windows along with all its power, utility and  the familiar Office apps to iPad, using […]

Mozilla Firefox Freezing or Crashing on Windows computer

Are you a Firefox user? If yes, you might have come across an instance where the browser suddenly freezes or hangs or crashes and closes down unexpectedly or collapses into a not responding mode. Freezing or Hanging is a process […]

New: HP ENVY 15-3017tx Laptop Specs, Overview, Price

Just when you needed a power house notebook, HP has one to offer in its latest HP Envy 15-3000 segment of laptops. The model is HP ENVY 15-3017tx and is the latest Quad Core processor laptop to hit the market. […]

Top 5 Windows 7 Tablets

Tablets are fast replacing notebooks and PCs owing to their style, elegance, ease-of-use and portable form factor. Today,  there are a number of Windows tablet floating around, running  the Windows 7 operating system. Here is our list for the 5 best […]

Google Chrome Freezing or Crashing on Windows computer

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers these days, due to low foot-print and good performance. But there may be times when you find that your Chrome browser crashes or freezes randomly on your Windows 10/8/7 computer, while browsing, opening […]