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Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface RT tablet – Battle for Glory!

There’s much discussion going around as to which tablet is better – Microsoft’s Surface RT or Apple’s iPad. Well, let me be honest with this, every device has its own specialty and performs well within its own territory. While iPad was […]

Future of Information Technology – The Good & The Bad

The recent headlines made me reflect on where we are heading. Though this is a website dedicated mostly to computers, I would still like to discuss the future of technology – information technology (IT, as computers were referred to, in […]


History of Windows Tablets – A Journey Into History (PPT/PDF)

There is no doubt that the recent tablet- Surface – unveiled by Microsoft has been a success in spite of the controversies surrounding Windows 8 and its metro interface. The reason is apparent! People needing little computing resources got what they […]

How to add Skype button to your website

Many consumers when buying online, have many queries about the product. Although the product will have some description on the site, users would feel better if they could get more information by talking or texting to the business owner. Similarly small businesses […]

Digital Scent Technology – Challenges Ahead!

Do you know that three-quarters of our emotions are affected by our sense of smell? You must have heard of aroma therapy. People with different emotional problems use different aromas to stabilize their mood swings. Much can be written about […]

Firefox 21 Features: New Security & Privacy settings

Firefox 21 has been recently released. The new version comes with improved security and privacy features and settings. In addition to it, there are some more amazing features available in the new improved version. In this post we may discus […]


History of the Digital Camera – PDF & Slideshow

Almost everyone loves photographs as they are moments captured forever in different formats. Some like saving their memories in printed format while other keep digital albums. With mobile phones and tabs providing camera features it becomes easier for people to […]

Free Cloud Storage Providers: Who is leading the Cloud?

Personalized cloud sharing has made information sharing and online storage pretty convenient. Most of these cloud storage services providers offer free storage too. It’s high time you get out of that pen drive/hard drive mode and make your life easier […]

Video Grabber: Free Online Video Downloader and Converter

There are several video sharing sites offering various video clips, movies, music video, personal videos, etc. that you can watch on your web browser. Some of them are YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and more. However, each time you wish to […]

What is the Windows.edb file in Windows 10/8/7

The Windows.edb is a database file of the Windows Search service, which provides content indexing, property caching, and search results for files, e-mail, and other content. Windows.edb By default, Windows 10/8 will index your documents for faster searches. As a […]

Google Plus Privacy and Security Settings

Google Plus, the social networking platform launched back in 2011 has now become the No. 2 social network worldwide. After some major ups and downs, Google+ is now one of the best social networking platforms to make social circles, share […]

Configure Facebook Trusted Contacts Security Setting

Facebook has officially rolled out Facebook Trusted Contacts account recovery feature that allows you to select 3 to 5 of your trusted Facebook friends you could reach out to, if ever you needed to recover your Facebook account. If you were […]