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microsoft azure

Microsoft Azure SMB File Sharing Service

Microsoft few days ago made some big announcements around its developer tools at an event held in Houston. In addition to the announcements, Microsoft had announced many changes that it had incorporated in the newly modified Microsoft Azure, a pure […]

Windows 7 New Features

Guide: New features available now in Windows 7

I was surprised to see a Windows 7 New Features Get Started guide being made available as a download at Microsoft Download Center. Then the key word struck me in its description – This guide describes some of the New […]

Popular Computer, Tech and IT Buzzwords of 2014

Every field has its own set of acronyms and buzzwords that are used frequently. Some buzzwords are easy to understand given the context while others need an online search to find out what they mean. The definition of buzzwords according […]

Bing image search

Why Bing Image Search is better than the competition

The majority of people may prefer Google Search over any other alternative search engine, but when it comes to searching for quality images, Bing Image Search excels. Recently, Bing published a blog, explaining why the Microsoft’s search engine can produce […]

Acer Aspire Switch 10

Acer Aspire Switch 10 convertible laptop specs

If you have love for Windows 8 and tablet devices, the recent entrant into the convertible market – Acer Aspire Switch 10 is worth checking out. The machine with aluminum chassis looks suitably robust and like a miniature MacBook, shipping […]

BlogAdda vs Indiblogger: Indian Blogger Communities

Making a blog popular and earning from a blog is easier said than done. A blog has to gain exposure to build a readership and get good revenue. Besides adding persuasive content, well-optimized designs and link strategies, it is important […]

Cannot download a file from the Internet

Fix: Cannot download a file from the Internet

If you cannot download a file from the Internet or save or run it using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera or other browsers on Windows 10/8/7; that is, when you click a link to download a file, nothing happens, or […]

10 Signs that you are addicted to your Phone for sure

Smartphones are an important component of lives. But some people believe there should be a limit to how they use phones (and tablets). Some have gone to the extent of saying that excessive usage of phones can cause several social […]

Office for iPad Product Guide

Download Office for iPad Product Guide from Microsoft

Having been downloaded over 12 million times, the recently released Microsoft Office for iPad app has quickly gone on to become one of the most popular downloads for iPad. To help users get the best out of this app, Microsoft […]

Mobile Phones Health Hazards, Risks and Dangers

How much time do you spend on your cell phone? Do you know the mobile phones health hazards and risks caused because they keep on emitting radio waves as long as they are switched on? Since the very basis of […]

Oversharing On Social Media

Dangers and Consequences of Oversharing On Social Media

Do you like inviting trouble? Though nobody does, they do invite trouble. They do it unintentionally – and that is through over-sharing on the social media sites. This article focuses on problems of over-sharing on social media sites like Facebook, […]

country-specific Outlook Email ID

Get country-specific Outlook Email ID like, etc

The popular free email service from Microsoft, also allows you to sign-up for country-specific email IDs. Microsoft offers several country-specific @outlook addresses. If you would like an email domain specific to your country, like, or say, you […]

Access Restricted Websites

Unblock and access Blocked or Restricted Websites

Websites can be blocked at three levels: Computer level, Network level or the ISP/Governmental level. Some DNS services, such as Open DNS, too provide options to block certain types of websites for different users sharing the computer. Then, there are some […]

Heartbleed Bug

What is Heartbleed Bug and How to Protect yourself and Stay Safe?

Nearly 70 percent of traffic on the Internet employs OpenSSL to secure the data transfers. That translates into almost all the major servers (read: websites) use OpenSSL to secure your data such as login credentials. However, someone from Google found […]

Getalink: Free file sharing online service

We often need to transfer large files to our clients, colleagues, friends and family. May it be a birthday party video or a large batch of photos, sending large files at email attachments is really tricky and annoying. Most of […]