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Windows 8 Start Screen Docking behavior explained

Microsoft seems well convinced about the fact that the Windows 8 OS makes working experience better, by scaling from a small size tablet, to the 27-inch twin screens on your desk at work. When you connect an additional monitor to […]

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New Google Search Engine Ranking Factors

The year 2012-13 witnessed Google’s Panda and Penguin updates destroy age-old keyword based SEO techniques. As these new Google search algorithms continue to perplex webmasters and compels them to adopt emerging SEO trends, website owners and businesses gear up to […]

block IP addresses

PeerBlock: Identify & block IP address & known bad computers

Security is a topic that needs your maximum attention and securing sensitive data is a critical task. In order to protect your sensitive data, most of us install an antivirus  software. But a single antivirus software is just not sufficient […]

Chatwing - Free Chat App for websites

Chatwing: Free Chat App & live chat widget for websites

For a site visitor, it’s quite frustrating to think if one has questions about a post inside the site but can’t find any methods of asking the site owner, besides commenting in the said post. The waiting process is uncertain […]

Class not registered Chrome.exe

Fix: Class not registered Chrome.exe in Windows 8/10

If you click on your Google Chrome browser’s tile on Windows 8 Start Screen or any shortcut and find that Chrome browser will not open, then this post will surely interest you. Specifically, you may also receive the Class not […]

Use Surfly to browse, share and work together

Surfly is an online screen sharing web app. With it you can browse any website and share its screenshot easily with your friends right from your browser. No need to install any plugins, or a desktop application. How does Surfly […]

MultCloud lets you manage multiple cloud accounts & drives

Do you have many cloud storage accounts? Club them up at one single place to reduce wastage of time caused by signing into different accounts.  Cloud services nowadays play a very important role in our lives. Our Phone, PC, Laptop […]

Avoid Online Shopping Fraud & Holiday Season Scams

The holiday season is synonymous with festivities, cheer, and mirth. It is also that “much-awaited time of the year” when flashy discount signs lure shopaholics with their special festive promotions and offer: the beginning of the “Sale Period”. While you […]

Edit and add special effects to your pictures with Cartoon Me

Are you looking for an effortless and convenient software to edit your pictures and add some special effects to them? Look no more, Cartoon Me is your solution. Where other picture editing applications just provide the regular editing features, Cartoon […]

HitmanPro.Kickstart – Free Ransomware Removal Tool

HitmanPro is a popular second opinion scanner that help you in removing rootkits, trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware and other malware using behavioural analysis,  cloud computing and virus definitions from Dr Web, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, G Data AntiVirus, BitDefender and IKARUS. […]

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation

Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Version

Microsoft has released and made available for download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Version, in 32-bit as well as 64-bit ISO versions. This is an evaluation version of Windows 8.1 is meant IT professionals who want to check out Windows 8.1 […]