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Java Developer Course Bundle

Java Developer Course Bundle by Udemy available at only $39!

TWC Deals brings a lot of courseware from various e-learning institutes. This time it is Java Developer Course Bundle from Udemy. This is a perfect collection of course suitable for all levels. There are courses for beginners as well as […]

Top IT Certifications for freshers to jump-start your Career

Plenty of IT certifications exist to help you get started with a nice career. There are low level courses such as Office Automation (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint) and Desktop Publishing (DTP – Corel Draw, Photoshop) etc., which […]

Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds Just For $24.99

If you are a music lover, TWCD has a great deal for you this week. TWCD brings the new Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds just for $24.99. These ear buds worth $109 can double the joy of listening to your favorite […]

5 Best Wolfram Alpha widgets for your website

If you wish to spice up your website or blog, you can easily embed one of the many widgets available at Wolfram Alpha. There are widgets in many categories such as computation, information technology, mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, web and computer […]

Linux Learner bundle

A huge discount of 91% on Linux Learner Bundle

If you want to learn Linux faster, then this is the deal for you! TWC Deals brings yet another courseware at dirt-cheap price. This time, it is the Linux Learner Bundle from the very famous Udemy – the hub for […]

Snowflake Drone

Pre-order Snowflake Drone at an all time low price of $39.99

Does your love of playing with high-tech toys worry you because of huge budget? TWC Deals brings the joy of playing with extremely high-tech toy, the Snowflake Drone at an extremely low price of $39.99. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Now you […]

Warrant Canary: The FBI was not here so far, but…

Imagine a shop with a signboard, “The police was not here yet“. And suddenly, after a few weeks, the signboard is taken off. What would you deduce? That the police visited the shop? If you think so, you understand what […]

Responsive vs Adaptive web design – Which is better?

Early website developers did not have to worry much over designing websites as users would view them on computers and those computers had fixed screen resolution. With the mobile revolution, more and more people are searching on their mobile devices […]

Good Deal! VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription

Good deals comes with a validity period. TWCD this time brings the VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription just for $39. With the increasing phishing activities and dangerous cyber-attacks, it has become very important to get proper internet security for your computer […]

enable auto-recharge in Skype

Manage paid Skype features using these Tools

We use Skype because of its free Skype-to-Skype video and audio calls. Do you know that, you can make use of many more features if you buy Skype Credit? Now, Microsoft is making it easy to pay for Skype Credit […]

eBook created from Wikipedia

How to create an eBook from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is usually the first place we visit to know about anything and to collect information. We often bookmark particular Wikipedia pages for further reading. There are many links within each page which we are interested in and we may need […]

doxie scanner

Doxie Flip Wireless Flatbed Scanner at just $99.99

Ever thought of a device which can scan your documents instantly, without a computer or even a chord? Yes, Doxie Flip Wireless Flatbed Scanner is such a device which can scan any of your books, documents, sketches, pictures as well […]

Microsoft HoloLens Transform Healthcare

Microsoft HoloLens will transform Healthcare in these 7 ways

Microsoft started the era of holographic computing with the announcement of HoloLens. This device lets you interact with holograms in your physical environment. You can visit any place you want and do whatever you dreamt of. It unlocks the innovative ways […]

Wolfram Alpha

How to use Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine

We can find any sort of information on internet with just few clicks. Normally, we use Google Search or Bing Search engines to find any information. Based on your search terms, Google provides you the matching links to your query […]

Full Stack Hacker Bundle

Full Stack Hacker Bundle for $49 on TWC Deals

TWC Deals brings yet another great deal on e-learning. This time you will get a bundle of 8 web development courses only at $49, which is 93% off on the regular price of this bundle! Named as the ‘Full Stack […]

Node Developer course bundle by Udemy for only $39

If you want to become an advanced Node developer and make the high-functioning apps quickly and easily, you need to pick the Newbie to Node Developer Course Bundle. The course is on sale now and TWCD is offering a handsome […]