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Open Giveaway: Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Pro

If you are on the lookout for a Disk Manager, you may be happy to know that you will now be able to download the Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Pro Edition for free. Aomei has extended this giveaway offer to […]

How to find out who is using your WiFi Wireless Network

Do you suspect that someone is wrongfully using or stealing your WiFi or wireless network connection? Maybe your WiFi connection is slow these days and you suspect that someone has hacked into it. Well, there are several free tools available […]


Giveaway: Get Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 FREE

We at The Windows Club are always striving to offer you the best paid software for free and we are always thankful to the companies who graciously offer their licenses free to our readers. This week we have an exciting […]

Free software to delete empty folders in Windows 10/8/7

A TWC forum post asking is it safe to delete empty folders, made me search for some good empty folder deleting freeware. While you would make no real space savings as they occupy 0 bytes, if it is just good house-keeping […]

Free download: Calligraphy theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft

The art of fancy lettering comes to life in this graceful theme released by Microsoft for Windows 7.   “Grace,” “beauty,” “journey,” and other kanji boldly rendered in ink on delicately textured surfaces. A free Windows 7 theme to add […]

Download two Chen Ling themes for Windows 7 from Microsoft

Cheng Ling is an artist with a unique challenge  in her life. She has been born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She loves to create art for her own self-expression. These two themes capture her projects and pack her paintings nicely into […]

Prevent Windows computer from going to sleep with Mouse Jiggler

We had earlier posted about this tool Insomnia from MSDN, a simple WPF portable application that calls the SetThreadExecutionState API to disable sleep mode for as long as it’s running. Mouse Jiggler is another such tool that fools your computer […]

Find out Computer Battery Information with BatteryInfoView

If you are looking out for a good free computer battery info software, you have to check out BatteryInfoView.  BatteryInfoView is a free tool for laptops and netbooks that displays a lot of information about your computers battery. It displays […]

Free Windows Benchmark Tool: Auslogics BenchTown

A Windows Benchmark tool lets you judge the performance of your computer and compare your configuration and ratings with your friends. Auslogics BenchTown Auslogics BenchTown is a new PC Stress Test free software for Windows, that will help you find out the […]

Add shadow effect to Windows 7 taskbar with Taskbar Shadow

Taskbar Shadow is yet another small tool released by us, that adds a cool drop shadow effect to the Windows 7 taskbar. What differentiates this tool from some other that are currently available is that Taskbar Shadow is location aware! […]

RightClick ReplaceThis Tool released

We are pleased to release RightClick ReplaceThis, a simple tool that lets you replace files easily in Windows 7 | 8. RightClick ReplaceThis allows you to replace files in Windows 7 | 8 easily. It is also helpful in cases where Windows […]