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Giveaway: 10 licenses of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5

Looking for software that will optimize and enhance your photographs easily and quickly? Look no further! The recently released Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 will do just this job, with a single click. The software costs $ each, but as usual […]

EyeRoller: Create funny images, make eyes follow your mouse cursor

With many free and useful software packages available for download today one can sometimes create hilarious animation. Here, I am referring to EyeRoller, an application that helps you create funny faces using photos of your friends or colleagues, display it on […]

Update Freezer

Stop That Update – Use Update Freezer

What annoys you the most when your Windows computer first boots and you want to get to your work straightaway? For me, I find the pop ups of Adobe Reader and Adobe AIR appearing asking me to update the software […]

Backup the data you love easily with Auslogics BitReplica

We are living in a digital world where all our memories are in the form of pictures, videos, and documents stored on hard disk of our computers. Even our favorite music collection is also stored in our PC. We cannot afford […]

Free Software Downloads for Windows

Best Free Software Downloads for Windows 10/8/7

From time to time, we have been covering good freeware and free software in our Downloads section. We have also been posting about ‘Best 5’ or ‘Top 10’ software in various categories. I am, in this post, listing links to […]

Identify and Install Missing Codecs in Minutes using CodecInstaller

Playing video or audio files compatible with your system requires the installation of relevant Codecs. These Codecs when installed correctly, run on the end-user’s computer, allowing him or her to play media files, uninterrupted. There are hundreds of audio and […]

ControlC – What Was Copied To Clipboard?

Until Windows XP, Microsoft provided the users with a free clipboard viewer. The program, clipbrd.exe, was still searchable in Windows XP and people could use it from the command prompt. For some reasons, Microsoft removed clipbrd.exe file – clipboard viewer from […]

Giveaway: Download HD Video Converter Pro version FREE!

Once again we are back with a giveaway of iWonderSky HD Video Converter Pro version for the readers of TWC. If you don’t have a video converter software, you definitely want to consider availing of this wonderful offer. HD Video […]

Download Rights Protected Folder Explorer from Microsoft

Microsoft has made available a tool for Windows users, called Rights Protected Folder Explorer and it is available as a free download. What is a Rights Protected Folder A Rights Protected Folder is similar to a file folder in that […]

Process Hacker: A Complete Task Management Tool for Windows

Pressing Cntrl+Shift+Esc on your Windows 7 computer launches the Windows Task Manager – one of the best process analyzing tool in Windows. It displays the active process, threads, and services running on your computer. However some times, the Windows task manager doesn’t […]

Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool Released

Microsoft has released a new tool called as Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool that will help you resolve issues you may face with the .NET  Framework on your Windows computer. Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool This tool troubleshoots common issues […]