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Zemana AntiLogger: Free Anti-Keylogger software for Windows 10/8/7

Some of the malware (real financial malware) are well capable of recording every keystroke you make on your computer, posing great threats of keylogger attacks. All the important information – Passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and security codes are all vulnerable […]

SlimBoat web browser for Windows: Fast, secure & feature-rich

These days, mainstream web browsers have become more and more tuned towards a minimalist design style in terms of user interface by getting rid of the traditional menu bar, merging address bar and search box, and reducing the number of […]

Wise Care 365 – A Free PC Cleaning & Speedup Tool

Often, we load our system with useless stuff. This over-stuffing makes the system bloated slowing down its performance. Regularly cleaning of obsolete files, deleting invalid links manually requires both, user’s time and efforts. Nevertheless, there are many free Optimizers & Cleaner software that […]

MaxiDisk Review & Download

Till recently MaxiDisk was a part of UniBlue PowerSuite, which helps maintain and improve the performance of your Windows computer. However, lately, the company has now started selling MaxiDisk as a separate product. MaxiDisk Review As is with most Uniblue products […]

Reset Windows Password with Recover my Password Home Free

It’s in human nature to forget things at times (mistakenly or deliberately). The worse may hit when you are just back from your vacations and fail to remember your Windows password. Under such circumstances, no matter how hard you try, […]

Free Registry Defragmenter to defrag Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a database, located in the system32 folder, that stores all system configurations and settings.  Over a period of time, you do end up installing and uninstalling several software on your computer. many a times, you tweak or change […]

Password Bank Vault encrypts & stores all your passwords securely

None, except you should have access to all your important passwords. Because, passwords which are a combination of letters, numbers and more ensure confidentiality of data stored across various workstations. Often, it is advised to choose a strong password to […]

KShutdown: Shut Down Your Windows PC at a Set Time

Have you ever felt the need of some software to shut down you computer at a particular time while you are asleep or out of your house? I often felt the need of such software, when I used download some […]

AppCleaner, a power-packed junk cleaner for Windows

AppCleaner is yet another freeware that will help you keep your Windows installation clean and junk-free. This free junk cleaner helps identify and delete obsolete data and junk-files, for a clutter-free disk and better privacy. It also includes a registry […]

Free Toolbar Cleaner & Remover Tools for your browsers

We have already seen how to manually uninstall some toolbars which may have got installed on your Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or other browsers. While in most cases it may be possible to uninstall them via the Control Panel or […]

Torch Web Browser – A Browser for Heavy Torrent Downloaders

There are many web browsers tailored to meet most of your needs but only few are capable of managing torrent download tasks well, without requiring to download any additional software. That’s why we have a new entry here in the browser […]

Secure your USB with Phrozen Safe USB

USB Storage device is a handy tool. It is capable of carrying large chunks of information in a small size chip. This not only makes it favorable tool for transferring and storing information, as and when required but also a […]

Windows Screen Capture Tool For Windows 7/8/10

Windows Screen Capture Tool is a free screen capturing tool designed to work on the Windows operating system. With Windows Screen Capture Tool, you can capture full screen, selected screen area, windows, webpages and more. In addition to this you can also […]