Browser Chooser lets you choose which browser to open a link in

We all are using different web browsers on our Windows PC, and many a times we use different browsers for different tasks. I mean one could use a particular browser for streaming audio/video files and another browser for simple and fast browsing. But opening browsers again and again, and choosing them default again is a very frustrating process. But with an application like Browser Chooser, you no longer need to worry about it.

Browser Chooser

Browser Chooser for Windows

Browser Chooser is a free utility that lets you assign different roles to different browsers. It acts as a default browser on your Windows PC and lets you edit the types of webpages handled by each of the different browsers you may have installed on your computer. You can add any browser into the software. It comes with default Internet Explorer settings. In effect, Browser Chooser gives you the flexibility to choose what browser to use for any given task.

You can add up to 5 different browsers. You can add custom names for browsers and you can even choose a custom icon for it. Browser Chooser comes pre-loaded with icons for some major browsers. To start using it, you need to choose and set the path to the browser’s executable.

Once you are done with all these general settings, you can enter what type of URLs a particular browser should handle. Blank fields are also allowed in URLs feature. You can even associate hotkeys with browsers. For example to open Internet Explorer, you need to press ‘Alt + 1’ and for Google Chrome, press ‘Alt +2’. This seems very handy and it really is.

Like all other normal browsers, you can pin Browser Chooser to taskbar and all the options for opening different browsers can be seen in the taskbar thumbnails.


You can set a particular browser for opening Intranet links, another for applications like PDF files, and yet another for opening personal links. the choice is your. You can even switch to ‘Portable Mode’, which will let to use it from a USB.

If you use more than one browser regularly than this software is really worth a check out. Browser Chooser is open source and therefore free to use. The program runs fine on Windows 8 and it shows all the Aero backgrounds perfectly.

Click here to download Browser Chooser.

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