BitDefender releases free Security Scanner and Registry Cleaner

BitDefender recently announced the release of the free BitDefender Security Scan. It is designed to provide information needed to keep Windows machines running safely and smoothly, in a convenient, speedy way, and includes a registry cleaner.

The freeware gives you a detailed report on the status of any security threats and registry errors.  It uses BitDefender Quickscan, which takes full advantage of “in-the-cloud” technology to detect active malware in less than a minute, taking just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan.

Says Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefender Chief Technology Officer:

“We developed BitDefender Security Scan knowing that people want the minimum of hassle in staying safe online and keeping their PC running smoothly.

Features of QuickScan include:

  • AV QuickScan – scans your PC for running viruses, spyware and other online threats – usually in less than a minute!
  • Registry Tuning – scans your PC for invalid registry entries that can cause slow downs, freezes or crashes.
  • Update watcher – checks for Windows updates which have not been applied yet.
  • Security status – checks for the existence and status of security software on your system.
  • Scheduled Scanning – sets up recurring scans to ensure your system is safe. QuickScan will automatically scan your PC on startup.
  • Antivirus Spot Check – on demand, instantly scans a suspicious file (such as something you’ve just downloaded) for viruses.

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I personally did run the tool on my Windows 7 with default firewall running and NOD 32 antivirus. I do not find the tool to be of much use as your Security Center already warns you about such things. It might however be good as a second malware scanner since it uses the latest AV definations from the cloud. Also good if you, need a basic and a safe registry cleaner.

UPDATE: 22nd May 2011. A word of caution before you download the tool. Please read the comments below first.

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Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is an end-user Windows enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP in Windows, since 2006, and the Admin of Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.
  • Fish

    Another scareware. I’m so upset. Wasted my time.

  • Fynn H.

    Scareware? It is from BitDefender!

  • James M Singleton

    There are a lot of applications that just provide a UI for basic and advanced Windows 7 settings. People need to learn their operating system and not rely on third party software so much.

  • r0lZ

    I agree with Fish. This app is NOT free, and is just a scareware. It should be BANNED from this site.

  • japp

    “Also good if you, need a basic and a safe registry cleaner.”
    From what I’ve been learning in the past there isn’t any such thing as a safe registry cleaner.

  • Grouch

    Definitely ‘Scareware’. It didn’t acknowledge my firewall or anti-virus. If you don’t have Bitdefender installed, it tells you you’re unprotected. BS!

  • Windows Club

    Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying – I was travelling.

    I had checked the tool with my default Windows 7 firewall and NOD32 antivirus, and the results are what you see in the screen shot above in the post.

    Anyway thanks to all your inputs, I am adding a word of caution in the post.

  • Erniek

    As has been previously said this is nothing but scare-ware.

    After downloading and running I was told that my Comodo firewall was NOT running. IT IS!

    I was told that there were two (2) dll errors related to Firefox and Thunderbird.Missing dll’s – —\plugins\NPSWF32.dll
    No action taken regarding these “errors” as both programs are working perfectly without these dll’s

    Click repair and taken to page on internet that offers bit-defender download\purchase.

    Stay away from it as this is nothing but an underhand (sleekit – a good Scots word that describes underhand and devious actions). Bit defender must be getting desperate to resort to this type of action.

  • SCBright

    McAfee maded a similar tool named “McAfee Security Scan Plus” that is nothing more than a way to say “you need to buy our product tobe safe”. Bitdefender is following the same path, scare you to force a sell.

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