Bing Translator App for Windows Phone – Review

There are more than 6000 living languages in this world and one cannot learn to read or write all of them. And the language is considered as the main barrier in exchange of thoughts or to understand something when you were traveling in a country whose native language is totally differing from what you read, write or speak. And this is where comes the requirement of a Translator.

Imagine yourself in situation where all the sign boards are in Chinese and there is no one near you to translate it in a language which you can understand. But if you are a Windows Phone user, your Windows Phone can help you in such helpless condition. Just download the latest Bing Translator App and carry your personal translator on the go in your hands.

Microsoft released this awesome app few days ago in Windows Marketplace. I watched the video released by Microsoft on how this app works and decides to give it a try on my Windows Phone. I headed to Marketplace on my Windows Phone and searched for ‘Translator’ app and it was listed on the second spot (I identified it by its nice logo) and I downloaded it successfully in first instance.

I started the app and it impressed me on first look. It’s neat and clean interface with various options perfectly placed, all ready to serve! I roamed here and there for few minutes before I actually started testing the app.

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The app can be used in three ways to perform the translation: Using Keyboard, Camera and Voice. When you start the app you will see these options right in front of you.

The first option is Keyboard, the typical and traditional way of translating anything. Just type the words which you want to get translated and vice versa. It’s quite useful when you have knowledge or little knowledge of the language in which you are translating the text.

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The second option and most innovative one is Camera – just use your camera to translate printed text, voice recognition to translate spoken text, or the keyboard to enter text that you want to translate.

Your phone camera can translate signs, menus, newspapers, or any printed text for you. Just aim the camera at the text and see the translation in seconds. This is truly cool!

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You need a network connection to use this feature perfectly and for translation of text and images when your phone isn’t connected to a network, you need to download languages and phrase books available inside the app. currently only 6 language packs are available, with time more will come out soon.

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The third option is Voice. You just need to speak a word or phrase that you want translated and hear the translations spoken in a native speaker’s accent. Voice translations require a network connection.

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I tried the app’s camera translator and it worked like a gem. I aimed my phone in front of some Chinese words and they were translated perfectly in English.

Bing Translator app is now listed in my favorite Windows Phone apps list. No doubt that Microsoft has done an amazing job in developing this app. I am sure, once your iPhone/Android phone user friends will see you using it, they will start feeling that their translator apps are old school.

And another feature I like is, when you pin it on Start Screen of your Windows Phone, it starts showing the Word of the Day on the Start screen which helps you to improve your vocabulary also.

Watch the video on how it works

So, it’s totally right to say that when you’re traveling, need to overcome a language barrier, or trying to learn a foreign language, Bing Translator is your must-have go-to app.

UPDATE: Bing Translator App for Windows Phone 8 is now available.

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    I have installed in the week gone. one of the best translators

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    I’m too late. How they “stolen” my idea!!!
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