Avira Secure Backup: A Free Online Backup Solution

Avira is very popular for their security software. A lots of people use their free antivirus software and some 3rd-party vendors even use the Avira Security engine as their backend. They have very low false positive rate and a very good detection rate. They have established a name in the market as a good security software company. They have started a new service called Avira Secure Backup.

Avira Secure Backup service offers free online backup up to 5GB. For additional storage space you need to purchase their service, however. I didn’t find much difference between Avira Secure Backup and other online backup services. The main point in its favor is that Avira Secure Backup supports large file transfers up to 3 GB. I don’t think many other services offer backups of such large file. By default the setting is set to back up 200 MB, but if you download and install the Windows Desktop client, then go into Settings and click Advance – there you should be able to increase the size.


Avira Secure Backup also features:

  • Ability to back up as many computers as you like
  • Simple file sharing from an Avira Secure Backup link
  • Automatic versioning of backed up files

The Avira Secure Backup desktop application also keeps a track of every single change that happens on the backed up file, and the saving occurs in a continuous manner and without user intervention.

Now when it comes to privacy, Avira Secure Backup follows the directives of the European Union. All communication with the Avira Secure Backup server goes through an encrypted SSL channel and the files are made anonymous in three stages, making it impossible for others to retrace it to the original owner. None of the servers alone contain complete information about the files or their owners.

Avira Secure Backup utilizes different encryption systems in every phase. Data is encrypted by the program and divided into different parts that are impossible to reconstruct by intercepting any single part. Avira claims It would take more than 100 years of continuous attempts to succeed in translating a single file intercepted during transfer, and for this reason they can assure you that your data is secure.

Most would have this question, whether Avira Secure Backup supports FTP or not. Well unfortunately, the answer is No! Avira Secure Backup does not support FTP, but it supports WebDav. This encrypted (hence more secure) system is very similar to FTP and is compatible with Windows and Mac, without the need of further software installations. WebDav supports folder drag and drop and deletion. However, it does not support write operations.

To access the files through WebDav you have to follow these steps:

  1. Using Internet Explorer, click on the Files > Open menu
  2. Enter the address https://dav.backup.avira.com/ and select the option “Open as Web folder”.

Avira Secure Backup also offer an Invite Bonus i.e. if can invite your friend, you can get 500 MB free storage space added to your account. You can gain up to 10GB of free additional space through the invite program.

In short Avira Secure Backup is a good service with lot of room for improvement. I hope you find this service useful.

Avira Secure Backup free download

You can download the desktop client and activate the account from here. UPDATE: Avira Secure Backup has been discontinued.

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