AVAST, ESET, Symantec together control 40% of the global AntiVirus market

OPSWAT has released its quarterly market share reports for several sectors of the security industry. This quarter’s report includes both worldwide and North American market share and usage data for antivirus software and Windows Operating Systems.

Microsoft’s Security Essentials Antivirus leads the North American Market for individual products with 10% market share, a 2.5% increase since our September 2010 report. “Free” antivirus solutions also accounted for 3 of the top 4 antivirus products detected globally, as avast!

The Avast AntiVirus product line has helped AVAST Software maintain the title of number one antivirus vendor worldwide with 17.53% global market share.

ESET Software and Symantec round out the top three in global market share with 12.05% and 10.04% respectively. When comparing to the worldwide data reported in their  June 2010 report, one can see that ESET has the largest gain in market share with an increase of 6.39%.

In North America, 53 antivirus companies were detected in this report. Of those 53, 5 companies combined to control 60.74% of the antivirus market. While Symantec still controls a large part of the market, trends are moving away from paid antivirus software and towards free antivirus solutions such as those from Microsoft, AVG, and AVAST Software.

Current data shows that 58% of respondents were using a free solution, confirming the trend noted when compared to a 42% free solution share as shown in our June 2010 report.

When looking at worldwide data, the top three vendors are AVAST, ESET, and Symantec, together controlling nearly 40% of the market.

To read the full report, you can download the PDF from HERE.

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Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is an end-user Windows enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP in Windows, since 2006, and the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.
  • Cris DeRaud

    The new Norton systems are the easiest and least intrusive security programs I have used to date. Never thought I would go back to Norton until I tried it last October. Now it is all I want to use. Check prices for boxed disc at Newegg for great deal on the 2011 suite. Actually, you only need the antivirus as you probably have other programs that does what the full suite has to offer.

  • Vishal

    Think How was Avast till 2005? It was the worst of all AV among College Students and Net Cafe. Only Avira was the best of all. But now too Avast have some harmful impact to OS. Actually it is like a fake AV if its not updated daily even if not connected to Internet. Your PC will be affected by atleast 10-100 viruses if you go online. It won’t be able to detect/heal more viruses like Avira/MSE which you can use without updating to even 7 days. only 2 or 3 viruses will affect rarely if u use internet. Many still don’t trust Avast! They install it but change to Avira/MSE within a month or two. So readers think as many times possible before Using Avast!

  • Siddxxxx

    Hey ,why Bitdefender is not in the list? Bitdefender is also a really good and fast Antivirus and it also has higher detection rates,then it is not on the list.
    I am using Bitdefender since 2009 and i am very happy with it.
    I have also used avast latest version AVAST INTERNET security ,but i didn’t like it,as my programs loading speed and download speed decreased a lot and some of my folders are even not responds when i click on them.

  • Basanta kumar

    Above Vishal & Siddxxxx are no depth knowledge about avast antivirus.Avast is the best antivirus from Avira/MSE.its online protection provides much more better than other antiviruses.Hey Siddxxxx ur folder did not respond follow my tips.First click on Real time shields.Uncheck scan documents when opening and click on expert setting uncheck scan programs when executting.

  • Amit Shreyas

    Eset & avast ,both are light & fast antiviruses among all AV,, And its
    protection systems are also satisfactory. According to OPSWAT market share reports, eset & avast are in top and the report is the big proof of its designation of top antiviruses in this time.
    i have used both antiviruses. you can think about general meaning of above reports.

  • Neo

    good to see fastest products in top 3

  • Armin

    come on!!!! avast is good…i use it for about 2 years and none virus so far…recource usage (memory,cpu) is minimal…my system is fast like Ferrari with just 2GB of memory, and dual core 1.8…but honestly eset,avira,avg,kaspersky,norton,mse are also good today. There is no reason to hate some vendors 😉

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