What exactly is new in Avast Anti-Virus

The new version of Avast Anti-Virus, that is Avast, was released quite some time back, but since I love my Avast, I thought talking about some new features introduced in this free anti-virus software. Avast is among the most popular free antivirus software out there, Avast has changed a lot from the previous versions, so here we will today discuss about the new features of Avast Antivirus.

Avast is again available in 3 kinds, Free Antivirus, Pro Anti-virus, and Internet Security. Now let’s have look on the new features of Avast free edition.

  1. Hybrid update technology: This is one of the best new features of Avast. With this technology, users can get their security updates faster than before – and security updates are really important for a computer. So with this new technology a whole database update wouldn’t be required – just a small update is required which is very small in size.
  2. File repute system: In this system, according to the votes of people and of the developers of Avast, Avast would determine whether a file is safe or not. This kind of feature is already being seen in paid versions of other antivirus software.
  3. WebRep browser add-on:  WebRep is a tool that determines, based on the number of votes of Avast users, whether a website is safe or not. It also tells, what kind of tasks is a website related with. In Avast 7 WebRep browser add-on has been introduced, so that you can directly get results while browsing a website, whether it is safe or not. Avast WebRep is compatible with all browsers, including  Safari, Avast WebRep creates a direct connection between your browser and Avast Servers, so that you get the best results while surfing the internet and faster website ratings. You can also cast your vote for any of the website. To cast a vote, what you need to do is simply, click on the ratings icon just before the address bar and you can cast your vote for any of the website. Your vote is very important, so cast your vote for each website you open. Please, also vote positively for The Windows Club and The Geeks Club.
  4.  Run in Sandbox: This is what is called real security. If any unlicensed or any other harmful software is run on a computer, Avast will prompt you with several options, but if you want to run a program without any effect on your computer, the  “Run in Sandbox” option will hold the game by running the program in virtual mode preventing your computer from any harm.

This was the major set of features known to be found in the latest version of Avast including some minor changes to enhance the security of your computer. Hope they impress you enough – for you to try it out. Click here to download free Avast 7.

What do you think of Avast? Anyone here using it? Or do you prefer to use some other antivirus software for your Windows.

Update: Read about Avast AntiVirus Free for Windows.

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  • Ed

    I like Avast and have used it in the past but as far a s free antivirus goes I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. If their free version was so great there would be no need for them to have a pro version now …. is there? Not only Avast but all the others out there too, AVG is another.

  • Dragonheart

    Of course there is…….
    You should look at this page:

    You now can see the differences between Free, Pro and Internet Security.
    It’s all about additional features.

  • Oblong Circles

    LOL, you can pay through the teeth and still not get what you pay for! That old adage is over-used and often wrong when it comes to s/w. Disagree? one word: Symantec. The uselessness of their products from Endpoint on down to 365 to Internet Security has left their customers, barely protected for years. Not to mention it’s a resource hog.

    BTW, I notice you didn’t make any recommendations for alternatives 9as in what you use). We use and recommend Eset, Kaspersky & AVG paid versions (yes, because the add-ins can be useful) but the freebie version works too.

    The whole point of these other companies offering freeware versions is to get consumers to like and trust them because on some level, they work! Then it’s up-sell time but not because the freeware version sucks, but instead because they need to eat too, so they have add-in features to “enhance” your protection.

    As they get more popular they had to have infrastructure, more developers and other staff, needed more space & equipment and so on (hello, overhead).

  • sasuke

    norton a resource hog….seriously you haven’t tried a latest version of norton…

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