Auto create folder & move files into it with Files 2 Folder

Files 2 Folder adds a right-click shell extension, Files 2 Folder, to your windows explorer, that will when selected, automatically create a folder based on the selected file’s name and move that single file into that auto created folder.  

files2folder context item 400x285 Auto create folder & move files into it with Files 2 Folder

When you click on the downloaded file, it will register a shell extension. You can if you wish, later on, also unregister this shell extension to ‘uninstall’ the app.

If you select multiple files, a box will pop up asking for a folder name.

move multiple files folder 400x197 Auto create folder & move files into it with Files 2 Folder

That folder name will be created and all selected files will then be moved into the new folder.

Alternatively, you can also choose to move each file into individual sub-folders based on their respective file names.

Visit: Download Page.

A very useful app if you do a lot of file-folder handling!

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  • Nico

    Search “RoboBasket” in google you will find a application from Easy-to-Use Software which can automatically process your files based on user predefined rules. You can process your files based on name, size, date, mp3 tag, extension and more other attributes. and choose actions from move, copy, rename, delete and more.

  • shanethegooner

    Thanks a lot! Great software.


    Cheers, this is what i do, all day, everyday.

  • Stelios

    Much appreciated!

  • batajr

    Hi, thanks for the program. However, i’d like to clean the mess with my music and create folders according to “Artist” label. Is there a way to manage this ? Thanks in advance

  • Daniel-san

    Thank you, this works very well!
    works with windows 8 (just run as admin on the downloaded exe)

    huge time saver when downloading “movie packs” – and much easier then remembering cmd scripts

    Thanks again!

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