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There are several free registry cleaners available for Windows, but very few you may trust enough to clean your Windows Registry. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is one such registry cleaner and repair tool, I just came across, that you may want to check out!

We have read about Auslogics Registry Defrag when we saw some free Registry Defragmenters for Windows.  Today we will have a look at Auslogics Registry Cleaner, another freeware offering from the well-know house, which offers Auslogics BoostSpeed & freeware Auslogics Disk Defrag, Auslogics BitReplica, Auslogics BenchTown & Auslogics Browser Care.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is tool that will scan your Windows 8 computer for invalid, abandoned or orphaned registry keys and safely remove them for you.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Once you have downloaded and installed it on your Windows PC, run a Scan and let it list down the invalid registry entries for you. You may go through them and select the one’s you want to remove, or trust the program and remove them all.

The program allows you to back up the changes and create a system restore point too, from within its UI. I would recommend that you do both, so that you can reverse the changes, should you feel the need too. Clicking on the Repair button will delete the invalid registry entries.Free Registry Cleaner 2 Once this is done, you will be presented with the registry 3 Should you wish to reverse the changes, you can open the Rescue Center, select the dated backup, and click on Restore.Auslogics Registry Cleaner free 4

Although there are questions as to whether registry cleaners actually makes a Windows PC run faster, the fact remains that registry cleaners are one of the most used Windows software. I too use a registry cleaner occasionally to clean up my Registry – and since Auslogics is a trustworthy brand, I think you would be in safe hands if you were to use this free software.

You can download Auslogics Registry Cleaner, free from here.

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Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is an end-user Windows enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP in Windows, since 2006, and the Admin of Please create a System Restore Point before trying out any software & be careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware. Add me on Google+.
  • Alex Sol

    Just installed this app. Looks like a cool friendly registry cleaner. Thanks!

  • Eoin Gordon

    Hi Anand i have used auslogics reg cleaner in the past and like its non aggressive approach but at the moment i use free Registry Life by Chemtable it cleans and defrags and does a decent job, anyone interested can have a look, here’s its home page :

  • Anand Khanse

    Thanks Eoin, will probably have a look at it in a couple of days. :)

  • LKL

    FYI, when I installed Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Norton IS 2014 identified and blocked a Trojan.

  • Anand Khanse

    Could be a false positive. Get it checked at Jotti or VirusTotal, if you feel. :)

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