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AeroTile places system folder glassy tiles on your Windows Desktop

There is no end to customizing Windows, and this is exactly what enthused our 13 year old TWC Forum member in creating this small app AeroTile. It is therefore with great pleasure that we are releasing it today.

AeroTile is a freeware portable app that adds glassy backgrounds to system folders and places them on your Windows desktop to give you ready access to these folders.

If you are looking for a change of scene, this app will give your desktop a new look and feel.

The only short-coming I see is that you have to add the folders all over again when you restart the PC, but its developer Paras has promised that this will be taken care of in its next version.

Paras Sidhu, age 13, studies in the 10th grade and stays in a small town in the Indian state of Haryana. He loves experimenting and tweaking with Windows, and when he gets time from his studies, he makes apps or blogs at Download Informer.

AeroTile v 1.0 has been tested on Windows 7, but I am sure that it will work on other versions too. Some security software may report it as being suspect. This is because the tweaker changes Windows system setting. Rest assured that it is a false-positive. If your antivirus software flags it as suspect, you may need to add it to its Ignore, Exclusions or safe list.

If you have any feedback, you can give it at TWC Forum, where its young developer will be happy to talk to you.