Advanced Renamer : Freeware to batch rename files in Windows

Most of us end up with having a bunch of un-ordered and badly named files. Renaming each of them one by one is a difficult task. But to make your task easier, there are quite a few batch file renaming utilities available. One of them is Advanced Renamer. Advanced Renamer is a free but powerful batch file renaming utility that lets you rename multiple files in a single go.

Batch rename files in Windows


While you can always quickly rename multiple files in Windows without using any third-party software, Advanced Renamer will let you rename multiple files and folders at once, by even letting you configure the renaming method.

The first step in using Advanced Renamer is to select the desired files and directories. You can add as many files and folders you want. You also need to choose whether the files should get renamed in the same directory or first be moved to another directory and then renamed. You can even preview miniatures of your files by enabling the thumbnail view.

The next step includes choosing a renaming pattern or case. First of all you need to create a new pattern name and then add methods like numbering, case and trimming, listing and replacing. You can create as many names or methods you want. The methods you create will automatically be saved so that you don’t need to create them again and again.

You can even add attributes, timestamps and add scripts. For easy and seamless browsing you can enable folder panel so that you don’t need to open different explorer windows else you can use the program’s drag and drop functionality.


Once you are done with adding files, creating renaming patterns and testing the batch. You need to click on Start Batch button. The renaming process will start right then, and it will take some time, if you’ve chosen a large number of files. If you’ve mistakenly clicked on that button, you can anyways undo the changes by clicking on ‘Undo Previous Batch’ button.

You may feel that the interface is somewhat hard to use as it offers all its option on a single screen. But a bit of practice will make it easier to use. A Wizard-like interface would however, have been given a better experience probably.

Advanced Renamer download

Click here to download Advanced Renamer.

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