A Virtual Piano For Your Windows Desktop

This post is for all those music enthusiasts out there, who like to play the piano! Now you can play the piano without  owning one. I was stumbling around the web for some sort of virtual piano or simulator kind of stuff and Viola, I found just the thing I wanted!  What more, it works exceedingly well and it’s totally free of cost.

Button Beats virtual piano 5 is an amazing application which virtually simulates the experience of piano playing. This application is for everyone those who are into music or those who want to get into it. The application also has a trainer mode which is tailor made for beginners .

The application has 200 smash hit songs by default to play on the piano with complete set of notations along with it. Apart from these features the virtual keyboard also includes a set of keys for adding background score, playing drum effects on the keyboard, and also has features to record the voice and the piano track using the computers Microphone. You can choose 6 different skins to choose for the piano.

You can also checkout the YouTube videos for How-To’s and tutorials on how to play the piano using this application, HERE.

So if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount to buy a Piano this is just the thing you want. All in all it’s a cool application for all the music lovers.

Download : Button Beats Virtual Piano 5.

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  1. E.Wadleigh

    Sorry, folks– Norton says this piano file acted suspiciously, and removed it from my computer as soon as it was downloaded.

  2. Paul D

    Must be a false positive. I submitted it to a couple multi-scanners and only ClamAV popped a positive. Even on VirusTotal, Symantec/Norton shows no positive. I also ran it against MS Security Essentials and it wasn’t flagged. It may be a butt-ugly Flash app, but I don’t see it being malware.

    VirusTotal Report

    Jotti Malware Scan

  3. Anonymous

    I made the piano. Its not a virus at all. Not sure why the virus protection dont like it.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought it was a bit messy, But, Butt ugly?

  5. Anonybus

    I just wanted to chime in. Virus programs give false positives for .exe files all the time, which makes them absolutely useless. A better practice is common sense and research. Check comments to see if other people have verified a file is safe and working, and don’t download anything with suspicious sizes (a “pdf” that is 350 MB, or a movie that is 26kb in size and has no file extension, etc).

  6. Yoshi007

    If you would have looked at the reasons for Norton blocking this from your computer you would have probably seen that it was because of it’s reputation, meaning the amount of times it has been downloaded, so this rarely means it must have a virus

  7. Rodolfo

    Excellent app for music lovers.
    it works great.

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